Sunday, January 19, 2014

Foggy January, But We're Still Happy

I started a new Foot Zone Class this week!
That is always so fun for me.  I had three students on Tuesday, but one more signed up on Thursday.  I LOVE teaching this class.  This will be the 11th Foot Zone Class that I've taught in the last 2 1/2 years.  I use Foot Zone often.  I find that in my work with people, a Foot Zone will come up quite often.  In balances hormones, effects lymph and blood circulation, elimination, digestion, and autonomic nerve function.

One of the big things affecting this week was the weather.  Although this picture was taken by Joseph last January, it's a good depiction of what it has looked almost every day this week.

If it looks like the sun has had a hard time peeking through, you're right.  No sun in our town this week, but a lot of fog.  A LOT!  But the frost on the trees has been gorgeous.

Oh - here, I did find a picture of what it looks like right now around here.  Frost covers every leaf, twig and fence!
Last night I looked at the humidity report on my iPhone for our town, and it said 100% humidity!  Bruce said, "That means we are IN a cloud."  And that's about what it was.  I thought it would be hard to be more humid than where Josh is, but he was only at 64%.  And a balmy 75 degrees.

Speaking of Josh, we got his travel plans this week!  He is flying home on the 20th of February.  He will fly from San Salvador to Miami, then to Denver, and then to home.  I was so happy that I started to cry when I saw the actual flight plans on the screen!  He really is going to come home!!

Bruce tried a couple of weeks of working a day or two at home and the rest at work, but his boss told him that wouldn't do.  So now he has to go in every day.  That's tough!

Peter went to a Merit Badge Clinic this week and got three more Merit badges.  He only has two more Merit Badges to complete before he starts working on his Eagle Project!

Libby composed a song on the piano for her friend Elyse for a birthday present.  She put lyrics to the song, and it is called "True Friends".  Libby wrote it out on the Manuscript Paper that Jesse gave Libby for Christmas.  Libby has joined an Orchestra after school, playing the violin.  It's her first attempt at the instrument, but she is picking it up quickly!

I got a grounding pad this week from  I love putting my bare feet on it when I work on the computer.  I can really feel the energy coming in through my feet.  It almost feels like running on the Compass software that I have, which puts a low level electrical signal in through the hand.  Reports from the grounding pad are that it is a major anti-oxidant treatment and greatly reduces inflammation in the body.  I also got a half-sheet that we put on the bottom half of our bed.  The result from that which can already be seen is that Bruce does not snore anymore!  Seriously!  It is great.  His snoring didn't bother me before, as in making it so I couldn't sleep, but I am happy for Bruce that he can breathe better.

This afternoon Peter was playing the Tennessee Waltz on his fiddle, and of course my Mom and Dad have to waltz to this.  Even at 76 and 82, they can still waltz to one of their favorite songs!

And I want to add one last picture here, of Libby and I.  Libby did my hair to look "just like hers".

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