Monday, December 23, 2013

Wonderful Christmas Concerts!

Libby had a Piano Recital this week!  It was at the home of our dear friends Laren and Caralee.  Libby played Joy to the World, and then asked Jeff if she could play "Waiting", a song that Jesse composed in 8th grade.  Libby played it beautifully!  Later, Jeff told me, "She is really a performer.  She was completely at ease up there performing that piece."  I thought so too!  Afterwards, I took this picture for Joseph. 
These are two of his favorite people on the planet - Devin and Lysse.  It's always so fun to be in Laren and Caralee's home.  I was sitting on this same couch, listening to all the beautiful Christmas music, watching Jay and Leah and their family (the cousins of this family) who were right in front of us, and at one point Mindy put her arms around Austin's neck and looked over his shoulder in wonder at the Christmas tree and the lights.  She was so beautiful, and the setting so perfect that I was filled with joy - peaceful and happy from the top of my head to the tips of my toes -  I was so grateful to be there and enjoy such a moment.  I didn't get a picture of Libby at her recital, unfortunately!

Mary's Choir concert was the next night! 
Libby on the way in
Peter - selfie while waiting to get in
Some of Jesse's best friends from her Senior year of High School - Holli and Brianna
Mary sang "Battle of Jericho" with the Madrigals, and then they sang the rest of their songs with the Nordic Choir.  Because of their performance with the local college at the beginning of the month, they didn't have time to prepare any Christmas music of their own, so they enjoyed singing with Nordic!

Then it was time for Show Choir!  They started out with the traditional "Once Upon a December" from Anastasia.  Mary's friend Hailey got to be the main character.

This is such a beautiful number - they do it every year, and I never get tired of seeing it.

Next, they did a number to "Eye of the Tiger".  I like this one of Mary!
Finally, they ended with "In the Mood".  Mary was front and center for this one, with Will, who is also on her Ballroom Dance Team.

Half of the fun on this dance was to wear the dresses in which you can shake and shimmer.  Haha!  Mary's friend Nicholas came to the Recital to see her, and also his cousins.

The next night (yes - a concert four nights in a row) was Peter and Libby's band concert!

Both of them did a great job at their concert!

Peter is front and center in the Santa Hat.
Peter also had a Choir Concert on Thursday night, but I missed that because on I drove down to Utah that day to pick up Jesse and go to The Frying Pan at 3 Key Elements in Salt Lake.  I was able to do a Raindrop for Jesse's friend Clarissa on Thursday night.  I stayed at Gale's condo, which is super condo, and then went to Frying Pan on Saturday.  This was a great experience, and Ann Washburn, the trainer, helped me figure out that I need to play!  Play like a child.  Doing this is practicing the creative process.  I need that!  I had a fun dinner with Lorna Kay on Friday night at Texas Roadhouse, even though I was supposed to be Christmas shopping.  Eating out was a lot more fun!

On Saturday morning I did two Foot Zones and also a Balance.  It's exciting to have a clientele building up in Utah!  Our drive home was  fun - Jesse was determined to make me "play".  ha ha  She started beat boxing and I had to rap.  "I am Lorena...  we are on the road... to Boise..."  It didn't end up very well.  She laughed and laughed.  I told her not to mock my creative process, but I was laughing too. ha ha

 The night we came home, Brighton came over to practice a song with Jesse, and Jill came to visit too.  I had to get a shot of these three college girls home for Christmas Break!

Yesterday we had our Ward Christmas Program.  Bruce, Mary, Peter, Libby and I all sang in the choir, and I accompanied the choir singing The First Noel.  Jesse joined in on O Come, O Come Immanuel, and then she accompanied the choir singing Handel's Hallellujah Chorus!  I got to conduct that, which every year is an absolute thrill!  Our little ward choir swells in numbers, and we definitely have the angels to sing with us!  It is amazing!

We started our Book of Mormon Reading Challenge last night!  Last year we read the whole Book of Mormon in two weeks after Joseph challenged us to do the same thing he had done in one of his classes.  It was such a good experience that we decided to do it again!  We popped some popcorn and went upstairs by the fireplace and listened to it at 1 1/2 x speed from Gospel Library.  I gave Peter and Jesse a Foot Zone during it.  Wow, I do love the Book of Mormon.  I love it!  Such great stuff - applicable in every way to our life in 2013.

We've also been doing our Twelve Days of Christmas project all week.  That has been SO FUN!  It is such a great part of our family tradition.  Bruce has been pulling the e-break in the snow a little too often on our way over there, but other than that....  it's been fun.  ha ha ha
Well, two more days until Christmas!!  Yeah!!

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