Sunday, December 8, 2013

Can It Be December Already?

I started out the day on Monday with two great balances and a training.  I love days like this, but this one was a bit overwhelming just coming off the 5 day vacation.  But it went well, and I was grateful for the experiences I had.  What I'm doing right now is so perfect for me that it is hard to imagine that anything could be better.  It fits my personality in these ways: 1) It allows me to meet new people and connect with them in a deep way, 2) I am always learning something new, 3) It is in the health field, which I have a natural affinity for, and 4) I get to be of service and help to people.  Can it get any better than that?

On Wednesday night we had our Ward Christmas Party (a ward is a congregation like a parish).  I played the piano for it, and Bruce, Libby and I sang a song with the Primary.  We had a delicious dinner and the Bishop put together some Mormon Messages that were wonderful.  There is one that is about a vineyard in California that grows grapes and dries them for raisins for the Welfare Program.

I already have a soft spot in my heart for my Latino hermanos y hermanas, so when I watched this video, I had tears streaming down my face.  I am grateful for their example and dedication.  At this same party I met the new Spanish Elders for our area!  These two Elders seemed awesome, so I was excited when they called me the next day and asked me to go and teach with them.  I did, on Thursday night, and it was wonderful to be a part of teaching an investigator in Spanish.  Josh and Joseph would be so proud of me!

Friday night we went to Mary's concert.  Her high school Madrigals choir got invited to sing with the local liberal arts college.  They sang with their Chorale and the Sinfonia string orchestra.  They sang a 12 movement piece by Vivaldi, along with their own songs.
What an incredible experience to sing at a college level and to be able to sing Vivaldi with an orchestral accompaniment!  We thoroughly enjoyed the concert.

Mary went on a date last night with Nicholas.  They went to see the lights in a neighboring town, and had a great time.

Yesterday, we got to have the same family that the Spanish Elders are teaching over to dinner and another lesson.  The Spirit was really strong, and I was so grateful to have Laura and Heriberto over.  We had Enchiladas for dinner, and then Laura brought over some flan, which was delicious.  This truly is a blessing to have the missionaries in our home.

Today after Church we went to Grandma and Grandpa's house to watch the Christmas Devotional.  It was wonderful!  I truly felt the Spirit and felt a deep love for my Savior.  Driving home from their house, it was -3 F when we got here!  Yikes!  That's cold!

Despite the cold, Bruce and Peter braved it and brought in the Christmas Tree from the garage!  This is the first time in it's 13-year life that it got set up at 8:00 pm.  ha ha  (sorry about the poor quality pictures - Peter's iPod Touch was the only camera available).

I diffused Idaho Balsam Fir.  It not only smelled good, but it calms irritated feelings!

Mary got to put the top on the tree, "for the first time in history" as Bruce added in.  She was all over that!  We really have a beautiful tree.  Tomorrow we'll put on the lights and decorations.  Yeah!

To finish, I want to share a picture of our Savior Jesus Christ that my friend Shauna shared with me.  She said it was painted by a woman who had had a near-death experience and had come back from death and painted this picture shortly afterwards.  Spencer, whose near-death experiences are detailed in Visions of Glory, said at the Unblog Reunion, that the Savior has the bluest eyes you've ever seen.  I think this artist certainly captured that.
Jesus is the reason for the season!  May we all come closer to Him and His purposes during this Christmas Season!

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