Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Recitals and Parades!

Libby's Winter Dance Recital was this week.
She is on the front at the far right. 
She danced beautifully!

Peter and Libby also marched with the Middle School Band in the Christmas Parade!  Peter played the saxaphone and Libby played the flute.  They stayed pretty warm because they were marching, all except for their fingers!

We happened to run into our friend Marci, who went with us on Trek, and we had fun standing by her and her daughter Isabel during the parade.  Mary was on a date with Nicholas, so it was just Bruce and I.  That was weird.  Not the part about it being just Bruce and I.  The weird part was that this was a "family" occasion, and it was just the two of us.  Again. weird!

The highlight of the parade, besides the band, was a big wagon pulled by two big black Shire horses.  Man, that was something else!  It reminded us of Willard and Ethyl who had Shires, also.  Beautiful horses!

Mary looked gorgeous on her date with Nicholas.

They went to Nicholas' Winter Formal.  (He doesn't go to our high school, which is a good thing - ha ha).  She had a fun time!

I taught a class on the 12 Oils of Ancient Scripture last night!  There were 13 people there and it was a really enjoyable evening.  I set out crackers and cheese, summer sausage, and Karen's Healthy Fudge.  Bruce made some delicious wassail from our own apple cider, and that was delicious!  We had some great insights come up through the discussion.  I am grateful to have these wonderful essential oils that give us so many benefits and blessings.

Jesse played for her juries on Friday and did well!  She felt good about her performance!  What a relief.  She has worked SO HARD to be able to play well for these juries (and that is an understatement).  She played a Chopin something or other (that's embarrassing - I really need to find out) and a Mozart Sonata.  Way to go Jesse!

We also started the 12 Days of Christmas for a local family.  We went tonight and Peter was our stealth man.  We parked the car away from the house, and Mary was watching through the binoculars and texting him about when to go up to the door, etc.  When it was time to go pick him up, we couldn't find the keys.  (How do you loose them in that short of a time?  I don't know, but it was Bruce driving, not me.)  We texted that to Peter and he wrote back.  "Ha ha.  Wow. "  Oh man, we had a good laugh over that.  We did find the keys, but not before the "get away" car's reputation was seriously damaged.

I hope you are enjoying this wonderful Christmas season!

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