Monday, June 3, 2013

Recital and Reunion

Libby had an Awards Ceremony for school, and she got a PE Award!
 Libby also had her end-of-the-year Dance Recital last week!  She danced in three numbers - two ballet and one tap.  She loved ballet this year, and a few times, she got to stay after her class and practice with the Lyrical class.  One time her teacher, Miss Shayna, let her lead the girls in warm-ups.  Libby pulled from her gymnastic warm-up experience and really ran the girls through the gauntlet!  She said they may not want her to come back very soon.  ha ha

Early Thursday morning, Mary and I headed up to Washington for a return demo for my CARE training.  We had a fun drive through the mountains and then along the Columbia River and got to eat lunch at a quaint café.
I gave Mary a Vitaflex treatment and a Raindrop, and I passed my Demo, so that was exciting.  We then drove to Oregon for the Family Reunion on Bruce's side of the family!

On Friday morning, Bruce, Mary, Peter and I went for a horseback ride up the creek behind Gary and Heidi's house.  We went up about 5 miles.  I loved walking along the creek and hearing the wind rustle the leaves in the Cottonwood trees.
Peter fixing my stirrups.
One cute cowgirl!
When we got back, everyone had gone to the flea market, so we got to spend a relaxing afternoon reading, napping, and enjoying this view!
Here's me giving Bruce a Foot Zone while visiting with Grandpa.

That night, Grandpa gave a slideshow presentation with Grandma LuJeann's life history in pictures.  It was really fun to go through those pictures with the Gary, Michelle and Bruce chiming in with their memories and experiences.

The next morning, Bruce and Peter got on their horses and helped Uncle Gary round up some cows and move them to another pasture.  Kaylee got some great shots of this whole process!

Bless my soul, but he's a handsome kid...

And finally - can we just start singing the Man From Snowy River theme for this picture while I try to calm my beating heart?!

This is Bruce's favorite picture!

Peter and Bruce loved putting their cowboy skills to good use!  Joseph - you were missed!

I never cease to wonder about how they got these "cowboy skills".  Bruce and I both grew up in suburbia - only occasionally visiting farms and ranches when we visited cousins in the summer growing up.  But certainly not enough to gain these cowboy skills.  But just because Bruce doesn't know how to do something doesn't mean that he won't learn.

On Saturday night, Michelle gave an amazing PowerPoint presentation on our family history, going back to ancestors who came from Sweden.  It was awesome!

On Sunday morning we got up and went to Church, and enjoyed a great Sacrament Meeting.  Later in the afternoon, we went up to an overlook of Hell's Canyon, an amazing view!

Skeet shooting!
Mary and Bruce
Uncle Gary and Peter
Peter and Bruce
 I LOVE this picture of my beautiful nieces!

Firing off  the candy canon, only this time it just had a baseball in it.  ha ha
That night the power went off, so we sat around the fire pit outside on their balcony and each one present talked about a memory they had of Grandma.  I'm so glad we did this!  I loved hearing all the memories everyone had about her.
Zac and Natalie, Matthew and his fiancé Sarah
The next morning, we had to say good-bye.
Peter, Ariel, Sarah, Tristan and Libby had a ball together!
And more cousins!  Mary and Kaleb
Thank you Gary and Heidi for hosting such a great reunion!

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