Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hello Utah!

Last Monday, Jesse, Libby and I packed the van and took off to Utah.  Jesse packed amazingly well to go to college.  I think she brought about 1/3 of what Joseph took to BYU-Idaho!  Sorry Joseph, just have to tease you a little about that.  We dropped Libby off at Aunt Lorna Kay's and then continued on down to Utah.  We have stayed the week with my cousin Annette, which has been delightful.  Joel and Annette had lots of grandkids here this week also, so they were most generous to let us stay here.

My sister Jeana stayed here also, and together we attended the Young Living Essential Oils Convention this week.  We did more cheering and clapping this week than we have in a long time!  Ha ha
At the opening night reception, Karen saw a horse-drawn carriage walk by, so she and Reul took Jeana and I on a carriage ride around downtown Salt Lake for Jeana's birthday.  There's so much more to see when you're going slow and being drawn by a horse!
We had some fantastic classes at the Convention.  Darren Hardy, editor of Success Magazine, gave two great presentations, as did Wayne Dyer and workshop presenters.  They all such great tools that I can apply to all areas of my life, not just Young Living.  It was a fun and very valuable week!

On Friday, Jesse and I went to her BYU Orientation!

While it was fun to take Josh and Joseph to BYU-Idaho, taking your daughter to school at your alma-mater takes it to a whole different level!  Even though a lot has changed, there is still so much that is the same!  Walking around campus showing her the different buildings was so fun.  Her two hardest classes are in buildings right next to each other, so she can use her campus saunter instead of her campus walk.
Lorena in the Gordon B. Hinckley Visitor and Alumni Center for the Parents' Luncheon
   We moved her into her apartment in the evening.
I love this picture!  She has two roommates whom she likes already, and she has already met some other great people at Orientation.  She sent me this picture this morning.  I think this is Will?  But don't quote me on that.  :)
On Saturday bright and early, Jesse and I went to the Provo Temple.  It was a wonderful session.  I got to do the work for Libbie Lee, one of the family names I have researched and found while doing the Caryl-Hill names that came into our family's hands years ago.  It is wonderful to go through for someone whom you know a little about!

Then Jeana and I went down to the Young Living Farm in Mona, Utah - the Whispering Springs Farm.  What a wonderful place!  We watched a jousting tournament (not my favorite part, but still interesting).
We took a distillery tour, and at the end, we got a free bottle of Idaho Blue Spruce.  Yeah!
I got to see old friends,
walk the Labyrinth in the Lavender,
and enjoy a Diamond Rio Concert!

After the Farm Day, we got to go visit this new little person!

Jeana and I are Great-Aunts!  Literally!  ha ha  Jarom and Whitney's little one-month old baby is beautiful! By the way, we are famous because it is a known fact that Jarom used to home teach Matt from Studio C.  He said he was always acting; it drove Jarom crazy because he could never get a straight answer from him!

Libby had a ball with cousins Kaleb, Kaylee and the local friends in their neighborhood.  On Friday, she read a book for twelve hours.  She told me, "Almost every time I looked up, it had been an hour, until three in the afternoon, when I read for three hours without looking at the clock."  She is reading the Percy Jackson series.  When I talked to her Saturday morning, she had started in on another book.  Oh, to be eleven years old, with a book, in the summertime!  True delight!

The word from home was that Peter and Bruce milked Buttercup for the first time in 3 months, and it took them 2 hours to strip her dry.  Bruce said they got about six gallons out.  Oh my!  The next day it "only" took 45 minutes.  Whew!  It will sure be nice to have that raw milk again!  Dr. Strasser, a chiropractor we have been going to said that raw milk is one of the best superfoods on the planet, and homogenized and pasteurized milk is one of the top 10 worst foods on the planet.  I have heard that from other sources.  I'm grateful for Peter and Bruce for being willing to milk the cow so that we have raw milk!

Also, I heard that Bruce, Peter and Mary - the only ones home this week - without Wife and Mother - may have been watching a few episodes of Smallville.  I can neither confirm nor deny that these reports are true...

It is a strange fact that this post will now go to three - yes three! - children that are now living away from home.  Although we miss them with all of our hearts, they are where they should be, so we are happy!


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