Monday, June 3, 2013

Birthday Week

My sisters two oldest children, Ethan and Alyssa, have been here all week, which has been fun. Peter and Libby have had a ball with them here.
Wednesday was my birthday!  I slept and read a lot and just generally took it easy.  Grandma and Grandpa came over with a nice lunch for me, and of course Bruce and the kids made me French Toast for breakfast, my favorite!

Mary tried out for a ballroom dance team on Wednesday.  She looked awesome - at least as good as the kids that were on it last year, so she has really learned a lot.  They were impressed that she had gone to the BYU Ballroom Dance Camp.
On Thursday night, Mary had her 16th birthday party!  She researched on the internet all these fun games, and she had everything set up for each one before the party started.  One of the most fun ones was a Picture Scavenger Hunt.  We divided the party-goers into three groups, and they had a list of pictures that they could choose from in order to get points.  Here are some of my favorite pictures from the game:
A cute baby
 All group members in a super tight spot

 Entire team sitting in a chair together
 Entire team in a shower
 Something filled with water
Multiple group members lying on the grass making some kind of shape/letter.
 All group members in a tree

A human pyramid
Picture with a live animal that is not a dog or a cat

This game was called Bus Stop, similar to Musical Chairs.
Here are the "graduated girls" hanging out.

 Here are the girls shaving whipping cream off of the boys' face with a plastic spoon while the girls are blindfolded!

But the boys got the girls back when they had too feed them pudding blindfolded.

So fun!  Mary had a great time at her party.  Thanks to all the friends that came!  It was especially fun to have Britta here - she is one of Mary's best friends that moved to North Dakota.  Mary scheduled the party so that she could be here.

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