Sunday, September 23, 2012

Smokey September

We have been in a smokey haze in this valley for months, but this past few weeks it has gotten especially bad.  All this week, the sun was a dusky rose color, and we only saw it on the horizon for a short time before it was hidden altogether behind the haze of lots of smoke from wildfires.  My brother-in-law Rodney, who also lives in Idaho, said that he has a satellite program that shows huge forest fires burning in Siberia, and the smoke from those fires is coming all the way across the Pacific Ocean and adding to the smoke from our local fires.  Kind of crazy!  The air quality in this area has been in the Red Zone all week, which has been a challenge, especially for Peter and Jesse.  Bruce has been OK, which is a miracle, since he has the weakest lungs of the family, but Peter has had a bad cough all week.  This which has been helped by the diffuser and oils, thank goodness.  Jesse also said that her lungs hurt.
But today, we had a small storm move through which cleared out the sky for the first time in weeks and weeks!  Jesse especially enjoyed the rain!

 It smelled sooo good outside!

I got a haircut this week!

My Mom and Dad came back into town this week, too, after being gone for two weeks helping my sister, who had the shingles.  Not fun!  She has turned the corner, thank goodness, and is on the mend.  It's great to have Mom & Dad back.  They brought over dinner today after Church.  It's always a treat to eat your own Mother's food!  Like comfort food times ten.  Ha ha

Jesse and Libby both had talks today in Church.  Jesse spoke about the Atonement in Sacrament Meeting.  In her talk she laid out the doctrine of the Atonement beautifully, and her witness and testimony of the Savior were just as beautiful.  Oh, that all of us "grown-ups" had known such profound truths when we were 17!  I thought I knew a lot when I was 17, but the depth of her scriptural knowledge and the basis of her understanding is deep.  It's just so fun to listen to her speak.

And Libby gave a great talk in Primary on respecting others.  I didn't get to hear it, because I was conducting in Relief Society, but Bruce got to go in and hear it.

Joshua got transferred to La Union, one of the hottest and most humid areas in his mission, so we are praying for him that he will be able to handle the heat!  He is semi-training, because his companion has only been out in the field for one transfer, so he is finishing off his training.  That's exciting!  Josh said it felt very strange to go from a native companion - speaking all Spanish - to having to help someone with Spanish!  What a fast transition these missionaries go through!

Joseph is doing great at BYU-I!  He consulted with me over the phone today on how much sauce to make for Hawaiian Haystacks for 12 people - all his roommates and their FHE sisters.  I remember those days!  So much fun!

And here is some of the biggest news of the week!  Joseph's mission papers are in Salt Lake City as we speak!  We may be getting his call as soon as Thursday!  That gives me butterflies just to write that.  For some reason, opposite of what I did for Josh, I have felt that a big call for "predictions" was not the thing to do for Joseph, so you can predict in your own way, but instead of asking for predictions on where he'll go, I just want you all to know that we are waiting for his call, and will be thrilled WHEREVER that call is in the world.  I am grateful beyond words to have another son worthy, willing and wonderfully excited to serve a mission!  This is a great blessing!

Well, one last notice:  Everybody clear the roads, because Mary started Driver's Ed this week! It was a great blessing that we had the money to pay for her to take the class.  I am teaching some Foot Zone and Raindrop classes right now, so that has been a great help.  Mary is excited to learn to drive!

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