Monday, September 3, 2012

Fall Begins

When I think of Fall, one of the things that automatically comes to mind is Apple Cider.  Bruce picked all the apples off of our little apple tree out in front, so we pulled out our trusty Cider Press and made some Apple Cider. 

Mary, Jesse, Joseph and Peter
Our horses love the leftovers!
Bruce and Cookie

Hunter (friend) and Libby
Lorena & Bruce - straining the juice
 On Friday, Joseph, Jesse and I went down with friends to Salt Lake.  Joseph and Mary got to go see our cousin Kaylee play in a Volleyball game for College of Southern Idaho.  Her team is ranked #1 in the nation!  They really enjoyed being there to see her play.  Unfortunately, Jesse and I had another appointment that we had to be at.

Then, in the afternoon, thanks to my dear friend Shauna, we got to attend the Unblog Family Reunion.  It's a weird name, to be sure, but it was a conference, of sorts, put on by one of my favorite authors on gospel subjects - John Pontius.  I believe I will look back at this Conference and see that it was life-changing.  It has given me much to reflect and think about, and I feel more dedicated than ever to increasing my own personal faith and righteousness in preparation for whatever lies ahead, even today.

Grandma W, Libby - with her scarf that she just made, and Lorena
Grandma W., Joseph and Grandpa W.

At home, we were able to go over to a wonderful dinner at Grandma & Grandpa W.'s.  Oh, what a treat to be in their home.

Have a good week everyone!

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