Monday, September 17, 2012

Peter at the Temple

Bruce found a male llama for sale last week on Craigslist for a good price, so he went over and bought it from a family that had been using it for a 4-H project.  Bruce told me I could name it a good Bolivian name, so I came up with Titicaca, after Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world, which I ferried across many times to get to Achacachi, where I served for five months on my mission.

However, after bringing him home, we have determined that he has not yet earned his name, Titicaca, and that he's going to be plain "Caca" until he learns to behave!

Libby and Bruce were out in the pasture with him, and he ran straight over Libby, knocking her to the ground.  She didn't get hurt, except for a small stratch on her cheek, thank goodness.  But that is really odd behavior for a llama!  He obviously has not been around other llamas to learn good manners.  He has also been aggressive towards Jesse and Peter, and has been spitting at Bruce.  Bad llama!  When this happens, Bruce gets aggressive and squirts him with the hose.  This is super insulting to a llama, and downright scary, that someone could have that much spit, so needless to say, he no longer spits at Bruce!  Peter had a run-in with him also.

One day Bruce was trying to catch Titcaca, so Peter went out and basically jumped on him, putting his arms around his neck, and he went for a ride!  Around and around and then the llama fell over on top of Peter.  Peter had a really sore back after that, and I finally had to give him a Raindrop.  He's a tough kid, but I told him not to be so tough!  :)

Joseph's having a great time at BYU-Idaho.  Dane and Joseph are doing everything together, even though they're not roommates.  Joseph got called to be the Assistant Ward Clerk.  His classes are really different, though, because he's in the Pre-Mission program.  He has the same guys in most of his classes, and its all guys - only one girl!  So that cuts out a lot of distractions.  Ha ha

The biggest news of the week is that Peter got to go the Temple for the first time!

Mary, Jesse and Tori

Peter, Mary, Tory, Jesse, Bruce, Lorena at the Temple

We did baptisms for the dead, and Peter was able to participate in that.  He was grinning from ear to ear, and it was wonderful to feel the peace and simple joy that one feels to be in The House of the Lord.  What a wonderful blessing!

To find out more about what Temples are, and what it means to do baptisms for the dead, please visit and watch the video entitled "Why Mormons Build Temples".

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