Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Surprise, Surprise!

Guess what we found out in the pasture today??

It was hailing, so I was looking out at the pasture to see the hail, and I happened to notice something dark standing by Strawberry. I ran out and sure enough, this is what I found! I went out later and took pictures (in the 1/2 hour that the sun shone today). Bruce got mixed up and thought that Strawberry was due in July! We were totally not expecting a foal. Thankfully, Bruce thought that although she looked pregnant, her ribs were showing, so he brought her home from the neighbors' pasture and was feeding her extra hay and grain. That must have been farmer's intuition.

We determined last summer that this foal would be Mary's, so she is thinking about what she wants to name him. He is a colt, with a black mane, but a lighter shade of black on the rest of him. His sire's name is Black Dynamite, so he looks like his sire.

We now are looking for Lady, our other mare, to foal because she was bred at the same time. The suspense of it all!

These are some of our chickens.And the rooster up close.And right in the middle of a big crow.Here is Achumani, our lead llama, checking out the new colt.Peter was out in the middle of it all.And the calf has not yet perished! Wendy - I think you can safely come over and see it now, especially since we've got the colt to show off also!

And here's Buttercup.

Our chicks are doing fine.
And in between and all around all this farm excitement, here is a copy of my Google Calendar for today. (You have to double click on it to see it properly). It is a doozy. All six children and two coaches (Bruce and I) had soccer practice today from 5:00 - to 7:15. And throw in there dance for Jesse, and piano lessons later in the evening. Not to mention milking the cow!!! Craziness...


WhettenWild said...

Wow! That's a crazy surprise. That's awesome.....unless this is an April Fools joke. Then it isn't very awesome. ha ha.

wenderful said...

What!?! A foal and you didn't even know? How amazing is that? Did you at least have a bag packed and a coming home outfit ready?

Will wants to come over and see both the babies. And Ralf wants to see your coop. Maybe this weekend. I'll call you.