Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pulling a tooth with a Leatherman

Libby came running into the kitchen last night and pulled on Dad and showed him her tooth. He took one look and said, "Oh yeah, it's ready." Without another word, he pulled out his Leatherman, and Libby put up her chin and opened her mouth. I couldn't believe it! You couldn't have persuaded me to do that for anything when I was six. But there she was, totally trusting Dad. It took a second for Bruce to get a hold of it, but then he said, "OK, you ready?" and pulled. Out it came!
This is the happy result! The Tooth Fairy did her (uh - it was actually his last night) job, and Libby found a big dollar bill under her pillow, and a bobby pin. You can tell from the picture - she needed it. I asked the Tooth Fairy later - did you put the bobby pin there on purpose? No, he didn't, it was just there; but appropriate, don't you think? LOL

This Leatherman thing with Dad is now standard practice in our family, ever since Jesse braved it. They have all wanted Dad to pull their tooth out with his Leatherman. We should be on a commercial.

One more picture - because I like it. This is Peter figuring out how the self-timer works on the camera.

Life is delightful when you have children that are delightful. We do, and it is.


LizBeth said...

You do have a wonderful and delightful family... Because you are wonderful and delightful. Enjoy!

Congrats to Miss Libby! What a happy smile. :-)

wenderful said...

I love the title of this post! It's great! Bruce is as resourceful as they come. What a brave little girl you have. Have a delightful day. :)