Sunday, November 2, 2008

End of October - and all that goes with it...

All is well here. We went to our English speaking Ward today. It was good for the family - all are excited to be back in this ward. I am too, but still struggling with not being in the Spanish Branch. Tears come easily if I start to think about it the least little bit and I have a huge ache in my heart. It's hard for me to leave.

I am going down to my Aunt Marzelle's funeral this weekend. She was a very special person to me, one of my closest Aunt's, and I am so happy for her to be with Uncle Murl (who passed on last year) and for her mortal journey to be over. Besides all the wonderful memories, which are the most important, she left Bruce and I with the beautiful quilt that we have slept under for the last 18+ years. It was a wonderful gift that she gave us for our wedding.

Bruce and Joseph went hunting Fri and Sat. Joseph got an elk, so we are grateful for that! They'll have to tell you more about it.Stetson and Whitney are coming up for Thanksgiving! Yeah!!! Open invitation to who else wants to come - we'd love to have you!

Libby was a centipede (see the end of this post) and Peter was a Ninja for Halloween. Mary was an M&M and Jesse dressed up as a black crayon, with three of her friends as orange, blue, and green crayons. They were really cute. Josh dressed up in the clothes he wore on the Handcart Trek he went on last summer. It was a mellow, and good, Halloween.

Yesterday Jesse and I refereed at a soccer tournament. I did four games, which was too many, as my left knee was really hurting by the end. But before that, it was fun to be out getting some exercise and earning some money at the same time. I missed being home with Mary, Peter and Libby, however.

Have a good week everyone.

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