Monday, September 15, 2008

Tidbits I forgot

Joseph walked into the girls bathroom last week at the high school accidentally. He said he was whistling a tune and walking along, when he turned the corner and ran into Kami (the Stake President's daughter). She said, "Joseph!", and then he yelled, and she yelled, and it turned out to be really funny. She then went back and told the whole English class (which is all girls besides Joseph) all about it. LOL Thank goodness he ran into her and not someone else.

Our Stake President told us yesterday that as our Stake Center was being constructed, he struck up a conversation with the General Contractor, who was a non-member. When asked about the construction, he got really excited and enthusiastic. The GC said that this was the best building he had ever built and that all buildings should be built this way. He said that five-story (or maybe he meant to say five-star? not sure) hotels are not built as well as the Stake Center. He added that he felt sorry for the contractor in a hundred years who bid on tearing down the building, because he would loose money. I thought that was really interesting.

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