Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Peter's Baptism

(Suggested music - Faith of our Fathers)
Last Saturday Peter got baptized by immersion into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and received the Gift of the Holy Ghost by the laying of hands. He turned eight in July , and we waited until now to do the baptism because he wanted Joshua to do it.

It was wonderful to see Peter and Joshua together all dressed in white. I thought my heart would burst.

Here are some photos of those who attended. Hna. Carmen and her son Hiram. She serves with me in Young Women's.
Uncle Rodney, Aunt Angie, Ethan, Alyssa, Caleb and Carson (pictured here) came all the way from Wyoming for the baptism! It was so much fun to have them here with us. Aunt Angie gave a spirit-filled talk on baptism. Here's some quotes of the week from their children:
1) Ethan said to his mom on the way over here, "Mom, I want you to stay by me in that big house." I guess last time they were here he got lost somewhere in the house. :)
2) As Caleb walked up the front entry way, he said, "I LOVE these guys!" Of course, we loved hearing that.
"The Brothers" is the title of this picture. All three of Bruce's brothers were present at the baptism. I like this picture! Shawn drove up from Utah with Camille and Lauren to be with us, and Gary came from Oregon with Kaleb to be with us also. Thank you for coming guys!
Cousin Alyssa (the back of her anyway), Mary, Cousin Camille, and Cousin Derek. We had ice cream and watermelon for refreshments after the baptism.
This was the first baptism held in the new Stake Center!
Ramona, Reuben and family kindly came to be with us, as well as Norberto and Elizabeth (not pictured). Bro. Benjamin (in the grey suit) conducted the meeting in English, and was sustained as our new Branch President the next day!
Presidente Cabrera was our Branch President for two years in the Spanish Branch. He was released the next day after this, so this was his last official meeting as Branch President. He had to work until right before the baptism, so he wasn't actually there in the meeting, but he met us out in the hall afterward.
Kathy came with her two children, Joseph and Caden. She is Peter's primary teacher. They are serving a "mission" in the Spanish branch like we are.
Derek, Uncle Stephen and Aunt Kendra were able to be with us. It's so nice to have Bruce's family close to us.
Our dear friend Calvin and his daughter Melissa were there, standing by Libby. Todd also came with his son Jay, even on a busy day when they were trying to get ready to open their net furniture store. Thanks for coming!
And of course it wouldn't be a baptism without Grandma and Grandpa. Grandpa gave a great talk on the Gift of the Holy Ghost. He actually told a story that I had never heard before! What? It was about bringing a rototiller home in his van, and listening to the Spirit. Thank you for coming all the way from Colorado for this occasion! We missed our other Grandma and Grandpa who are serving a mission in the Temple Presidency in Panama, but they were here in spirit.
And here's goofy older brother Joseph, trying to fit into Peter's... well, not his shoes, but his suit jacket.

It was a wonderful occasion for Peter, and we're grateful for everyone that attended! The ordinance of baptism is very simple, and yet profoundly significant. I am grateful to the Savior for restoring the gospel and the ordinances of Salvation. What a blessing it is in our lives!

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Curtis said...

The x-ray pictures are facinating? What lens did you use? Where can I get one? Thanks Josh for sacrificing your body so we can learn about bones. When I was 14 I got hepatitis and was confined to bed for several weeks. I learned I liked to draw. That led me to take drafting in high school. I had an excellent instructor, Mr. Mower. That led to a job when I got back from my mission, which led to a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Who knows, this could change your life.