Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Meal

I had to take a picture of the meal we had tonight. There was only one thing that was bought from a grocery store! Living in Idaho, you'd think we wouldn't have to buy potatoes, but the potatoes are the only thing we bought at the store.

The sirloin steak is from Hamburguesa, our former beef cow,
the corn on the cob was given to us from the Wells' garden,
the cucumbers from Norberto Sanchez' garden,
and the blackberries were picked by our neighbors the Crofts at a local farm in Nampa.

Wow! Thank you to our dear friends that have shared their harvest with us, including the Waltmans who shared a big load of tomatoes with us also! This is truly a blessing, and I want to acknoweldge it as such.
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Curtis said...

The only thing missing is the home made ice cream.