Monday, November 7, 2016

Dance Moves

Back in October we had a Stake Harvest Dance.  Here are two little clips of Libby, and then Peter, cuttin' it up on the dance floor.  :)

Another friend of Peter and Libby's - Kelsey - had a barn dance last Saturday night, and we got to be the DJ's.  They had a great time dancing at that too.  Josh and Joseph - you've got some groovin' to do if you're going to be able to match this dance move:
(Ah - the video wasn't ready to upload -  I will come back to this!)

We've been having fun with Joseph home!  The first night (or second?) this is where he slept.  On the floor with one blanket and no pillow.  And he's just fine with that.  There was a bed all made up for him upstairs, but no, this is where I found him in the morning.  Classic Joseph!

We went through our first Halloween without taking the kids out Trick-or-Treating, except for at the Ward Trunk or Treat.  I didn't mind that at all.  :)  Libby and Ragen dressed up as Tourists for the Trunk-or-Treat, and then afterwards, Libby had about 15 friends over for a paaaarteeeey!  :)
They played games for 2 solid hours - everything from blowing the ping pong around on the table, to Wizards, Knights and Dwarves, to Murder in the Dark.

They had a great time.  I am so grateful for the good friends my children choose to be around.  What a blessing that is!  Becca and Joseph dressed up in... interesting costumes:
Hahahaha!  Oh boy...

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