Saturday, August 13, 2016

Soccer Tryouts!

Peter and Libby had "two-a-days" this week.  That means trying out for soccer, practicing twice a day - from 6-8 am, and 6-8 pm.  They both made the JV team, which they were really happy about!

They put on OrthoSport, RC, took Ning-Xia Red, BLM and Balance Complete every day.  Thank goodness for our Young Living products!

Libby really had a miracle happen.  Last Saturday morning at Ballroom dance practice, Libby fell on her backside and injured her tailbone.  Saturday night, it was painful even to the touch, and when I put a tuning fork on it, she said the tuning fork hurt before it even came in contact.  She was yelling!  This is the classic sign of having a broken bone.  This was pretty daunting, especially with soccer tryouts starting Monday morning.  The first thing she did was determine to add prayers into fasting about the injury.  Then we worked on the Healer's Blueprint to see if there were any underlying sources in the subconscious for the injury, and release them.  To that we added an Interface canopy, and also added some essential oils that came up on the Zyto Compass.  By Sunday evening, Libby said it hardly hurt at all.  We did the tuning forks again, and they didn't hurt!  She ended up going to practice on Monday morning, doing well the whole week, and making the team.  Not everybody is healed when they desire to be, but in this case, Heavenly Father saw fit to bless Libby!

Grandpa sold the farm, so we met with Gary & Heidi and Michelle to clean out the rest of the shed at the farm.  Bruce found an old childhood toy, a stuffed elephant.  Classic!

This brought back memories of three years ago, working together for a week to clean out Bruce's Mom and Dad's house.  This was much easier - this only took a few hours.
 These guys are good working companions!

On a serious note, it is sobering to say good-bye to the last physical place where we have a lot of memories of my mother-in-law, LuJeanne.  Actually, we still have the trailer for a few months until it can be sold, so that reminds me a lot of her too.  Good!  But still hard to say good-bye to the farm.  We have many, many good memories there.  And hard ones too - pulling hay in while the fireworks are going off on the 4th of July, being hot and tired, struggling to bring in hay or pull or lay pipe between activities at home.  And also over seven years, for six months of the year, Bruce has spent at least one night a week out at the farm irrigating, and hours and hours in general time taking care of the property.  Goodbye Thunder Creek Farm!

Yesterday we had company work party!

Mary, Peter, Libby and I went into Bruce's work and had a really fun time.  They had  food and games in a carnival style.  One game was a relay race  - pushing an old printer around, laying out some stacks of paper, and throwing some old boxes into garbage cans.  They set the record for the fastest time, twice!  Good work done!

Mary and I have been deep into wedding preparations this week!  So many details to take care of, but it's been fun to be with Mary.  She thanked me yesterday for not micro-managing her wedding, which was good to hear because I have tried not to do that, but it creeps in once in awhile, unawares.

I have found a new Independent Presidential Candidate that I like - Evan McMullin.  I'v spent some time researching him and seeing what he's all about.  I feel heartened that there may be someone I can vote for in good conscience.  Yeah!

We watched Inside Out last night (yeah for Vid Angel!), me for the first time.  I liked it, especially since I work with people recovering from trauma, and am intensely interested in how the brain works, and how emotions affect us.  I agreed with a lot of it, but did anyone else catch the fact that there was no room in Riley's life for God and religion?  There was a platform for family, friends, hockey, being goofy, but nothing about Jesus, nothing about Heavenly Father or the Holy Ghost.  What a loss!  It's completely incongruous to think that all Riley has to depend upon for her joy is some random emotions and memories.  No, it comes from the care of a loving God.  To find out more about him, click here.

I'm grateful beyond words, and want to share it with everyone, that we do having a loving Heavenly Father, and that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer.  I love these verses from John, Chapter 5, verse 15, "I am the vine, ye are the branches:  He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing."

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