Monday, August 22, 2016

Soccer Games and a Bridal Shower

Peter and Libby had their first soccer games of the year.  Here's Libby suiting up for the first time in her High School uniform!  Yeah!!
They each had two games this weekend:  they creamed and got creamed!  Peter had a sweet goal.  He shot from the right side, just outside of the penalty box, a high shot that went over the head of the goalie.  It was sweet!  I wish I had a picture of it!

Becca and I put on a shower for Mary this week.  (Well, it was mostly Becca - I just did the invitations and the house.  She did everything else, and it was amazing!)  We had the theme "Mint to Be".  We had a great time, and Mary got some wonderful presents!

Pictured here are Kevin's two sisters Katherine (the one that looks so much like Mary!) and Karinna, his Grandma and his mom, Linda.  They are wonderful people!
 Best friends!

That evening, we went to pick up Libby from a team bonding party, and this was the view from the house where the party was:
It was fun to see this barn, because it was the marker back in 2000 that we could see coming down the State Highway that told us we were almost to where we were building our house.  We love living in a semi-rural area where there are beautiful views like this.  Bruce wants to build a barn like this, with this type of roof line.

On August 9th, I started posting about a new Independent Candidate that is running for President, Evan McMullin.  I volunteered to be a candidate, and got a Petition on Thursday afternoon to get him on the Idaho state ballot.  I made phone calls, sent out email and texts, and ended up with 28 names by today.  Overall in the state, we gathered over 1100 names in 3 days.  Awesome!

One more video that should have gone on last weeks post.  I love their smiles!

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