Sunday, July 10, 2016

Stadium of Fire and Lagoon

After Dad's Burial in Charleston on Saturday, we went over to the Tarahumara restaurant in Midway and had a wonderful dinner.  We sat outside on the balcony and had the whole thing to ourselves most of the time. Mom, Jeana, Julie and family, Angie, Alyssa and Caleb, and Conal, Chris, and Craig and their families all came.  

After the lunch, we took off in two vehicles - our truck and Cara's car, and went to Dear Creek Reservoir.
Everyone changed into swimming suits and went swimming - except for me - I was still in my dress!  Then we headed on down the canyon and went to Lindsey and Adam's apartment in Provo.  Stadium of Fire was that night, and they live less than a block from Lavell Edwards Stadium, so it was packed.  They had to reserve a parking spot just for us.  We went and got sandwiches and ice cream at the Creamery, and then went to a spot right outside the stadium where you could see the big screen and hear the music.  And then you could also see the fireworks!  We were dancing and singing along to the Tim McGraw Concert, and then the music for the fireworks.  The last song they played was the Battle Hymn if the Republic.  When the Tabernacle Choir sang "As He died to make men holy, Let us live to make men free!", the fireworks were going crazy.  It was an awesome moment.  Afterwards, we went back to Lindsey's apartment to let the crowd die down, and then left at 1 am to drive back up to my Mom's house.  Cara stayed in Salt Lake with an old companion.  We arrived back at my Mom's at 5:30 am.  We called Chris and he came and opened the door for us because all was locked.  We went to Church the next day with Mom.  She bore a beautiful testimony, and then she turned the flower arrangement around on the stand next to the podium and said, "It looks better this way."  Of course she brought the flowers so she had a right to say that, but it was so classic, everyone in the chapel had a good chuckle over that.  You can do stuff like that when you're DeeAnne and you're  79.  Hahaha!
Monday morning we got up early and decided to join Chris and Conal and their families at Lagoon!
Here are some pics!

We spent most of the day riding with Lane and JD, and then the last ride - on Cannibal, we went with Garrison, Hailey, Alexia and Jackson.  We yelled "Shred the Gnar!" And "Gnar shredded!"  You have to be around Peter to know what that's all about.  We also played Big Boody in the line when the ride broke down for ten minutes.  The Lagoon worker was glad to see us get on our way, but he was entertained at the same time, I'm sure!  Haha
We drove home through the night - half of us to college and the other half to home.  We got home at six am!  To say that we were blessed to make it home would be an understatement.  We had a wonderful time!

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