Saturday, July 2, 2016

Othello Jean Whetten

On Monday, June 27th, 2016, my father, Othello Jean Whetten, passed on to the other side of the veil. He was 85 years old.

Mom, Clark, Angie, Craig and I were there, along with five grandkids - Matt, Ehtan Alyssa, Caleb and Carson.  Brenda and Rachelle, the hospice nurses were also there.  It was a sacred experience to be there.  Mary, Josh and Joseph came over later that night, and we sat around talking.  It was a wonderful family time.

In the meantime, on Monday morning, we signed the final papers (via email) for the Realtor, and put our house on the market!
We made it!  It took us 8 weeks of intense work to get it ready, and we are excited about it!

Bruce, Peter and Liiby also went on a Campout.  I was supposed to go too, but I went to be with my Dad instead.  I'm glad I did.

We went with 7 families.  I say "we" because on Tuesday morning, I got up and thought, "If I just get in the car and drive, I can be there in six hours."  So Indid.  I went up through Challis and Dtanley, and that was a super fun drive.  Right when I arrived, the adults were sitting around talking, and they had just taken off their shoes and socks and out their feet in the grass "in memory of me" - haha - and then here I came driving up. I got a lot of warm hugs!

We camped in a beautiful spot, and it was so peaceful there.
Here's Peter climbing up in a tree to fasten a log for the sky chairs.
On Wednesday we went on a hike.  Peter saved the day by helping with children - Evelyn on his shoulders, Max in his arms and Kaden was his "Buddy".  He saved the day!
We had pads on the ground and slept really well.  Our friends used a stove in their tent but we didn't have to.

(These next two pictures were taken after I left.)

On Thursday morning my nose was running so much from an allergy flare-up that I couldn't sleep, so I just got up and gathered my things and headed back over to my Mom's.
I stopped and this spit and took a picture at 6:49 am.

I love the view from this spot!  I thought to myself, "I wonder how many women have stood alone in this spot at 6:49 am and looked at this view?"  In the grand scheme of things, probably not very many.
I made it back by noon, having had to pull over several times and sleep on the side of the road.
Almost everyone was here, of my siblings and their families, when I arrived.  I again was greeted warmly with hugs all around.  Is it any wonder that my heart is so full of joy all the time when I am enveloped and surrounded by such dear and loving people?  We enjoyed wonderful food prepared by my Mother's Ward members, and sat around talking and reminiscing.  Each one of the siblings was preparing a four minute talk.  I saw Jeana and Clark with a timer out, rehearsing their talk.  Thursday evening, Apollo came and gave us a private living room concert!  It was so good!  They sang Be Still My Soul, Trashin' the Camp, Stitches, Falling for You, Lullaby and Smiles.  We loved it.

Friday morning Bruce, Peter, Libby and Becca arrived.  The Viewing was a very tender time.  All 10 siblings lined up with Mom and talked to people that came through.  Clark said the Family Prayer and everyone that wanted to approached the casket and said goodbye.
 My eyes were full of tears and my heart felt very tender, but truly I did not suffer.  My suffering was swallowed up in the joy of Christ and Heavenly Father's Plan of Salvation.
The Funeral was wonderful.  All ten siblings spoke with some musical numbers in between.  I loved hearing my siblings speak!  I'll have to write more about that later.
Here is a picture of all my family at the luncheon after the funeral, put on by the kind sisters in my mother's ward.  Uncle Lorell is with us in this picture, next to Mom.  This was the whole family, except Cheryl, Christopher A., Carl, Corbin, Josh H., Sammy J, Lucas, Stetson, Penny, Weston, the only missionary in the family, Jesse, and Holly and Heidi's husbands, and Heidi's two children.
Everyone else was there!

The next day he was buried in the cemetery at Charleston.  Bruce and I were responsible for taking the casket  from the mortuary to the Cemetery, which we did in the back of the truck.  About 50 people came to the Graveside Service.  The musical number there was the Whetten Song and Josh, Joseph, Peter, Bruce, Matt and Adam Broud singing I Need Thee Every Hour, which they sang beautifully!  I feel so happy for my Dad!  He is shining brightly on the other side of the veil, and he is so joyful and peaceful!  I praise our Great God for the stunning plan that gives us the opportunity for mortality and the subsequent progression it provides, and all through our Savior Jesus Christ.

Mother with her brother Lorell.  She was so glad to have him with her!

Clark & Cori

Clarissa holding Felicity, Matt, Curtis, Michelle, Darcy, Lucas

 Adam, Lindsey, Bruce, Julianne, Whitney

Our family - Josh, Libby, Peter, Mary, Bruce, Lorena, Joseph

Alyssa, Angelina, Caleb

Conal, Garrison, Monique, Alexia, Haley, Sienna, Jacskon, Macy

Chris holding Risa, Lane, Elena holding Bryant, JD

Jane, Jenette holding Grant, Craig holding Hannah

My siblings with mycousins on my Dad's side, including
Lita, ?, Cynthiann, Judd, Elaine, Sylvia and Renae

My siblings with my cousins on my Mom's side, including Trevor and his two daughters, Uncle Lorell, Clayton and his daughter, Debbie, Lisa and Celeste

And one more close up of our family, including Becca and Cara.

What precious memories we have.  It was wonderful to see all who attended.  I could feel my Dad's happiness!

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