Sunday, September 21, 2014

They've Got My Back

I did one of those Facebook surveys that are popular these days, and the question was, "What song describes me most?" and the answer I got was the song "Happy" by "Pharrell Williams".  I posted it with this status, "Nailed it!"

My happiness comes because of my relationship with the three most powerful beings in the universe, literally, on every level, on every planet, in every depth and every height.  If you want to know if there are real super heroes, these three are it.  And they've got my back.  More than that, everything they do is so that I can progress and grow and become as they are.  Does that reach you to your very core?  Because it does me.  The three Beings I am talking about are 1) Heavenly Father, or God, 2) the Son of God, Jesus Christ, and 3) the Holy Ghost.  Collectively they are called the Godhead, and they love me perfectly and think that I am worth an infinite sacrifice so that I can be whoever I choose to be, and they honor my agency in that choice.  But they also do everything in their power, which is perfect, while still honoring my agency, to encourage me to become the best that I can be.  And the best that I can be is perfect, like they are.

Joseph said the following in his letter last week:

Well, to wrap up, I was reading in Alma 34, and I reached the phrase "an infinite sacrifice". It stunned me, I couldn`t move past it, all I could do was look at it and try to comprehend how deep of a sacrifice, how Eternal could be an infinite sacrifice? It sunk into my soul for a good 5 minutes while I struggled to understand. Is there anything we cannot do because of His infinite Atonement? No. How much has he truly done for us? So much we could not possibly understand. Not even close. We will be discovering new aspects of the Atonement forever, because the Atonement itself​ is forever.
I was so touched by this when I read it.  So when I say here that the Godhead has done everything in their power, this is what I mean - that an infinite Atonement has been made for me by the Son of God, so that I can receive immortality and eternal life.  And their plan for me is perfect - down to the last detail of every day - the plan is perfect, and there are no accidents!
This is where my happiness comes from.  Everything else is a bonus.  My family, immediate and extended, my health, my church, my country, my home, my friends, my knowledge, music, nature, my work, my oils! ... as much as I love of all of these things, they are not the center of why I am happy.  I am happy because I am a Daughter of God, and if all these things were taken away from me, that fact would still remain, and I could still be happy.
With that basis at the center of my life, I can get up in the morning, and every day I can seek guidance, protection, strength and purpose from the three most powerful Beings in the Universe.  And I am safe in their care, because they love me.  They know me.  They care about me and every detail of my life.  I am KNOWN.  I have also come to know that they care more about my growth than my comfort.  Hence, this probationary time away from their immediate presence, a time for me to test my faith and ability to change (repent).  But they have not left me alone.  I can still pray, I can still receive answers.  I am loved, and I am known. And I can return to live with them after this life.
Another truth that is really important here, before I leave off, and that is that all that I've said here about me is the same for you, and every other human being on the planet.  Insert your name under every "I" pronoun here, and you may find the truth about who you are.
Much love and light to you today!

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