Monday, September 15, 2014


This is the name of our favorite family dance song, sung by Earth, Wind & Fire.  We play it at every Street Dance and the tradition is that the whole family comes to the front and we dance in a circle to this song.  We go through the family and do everyone's "signature" dance move.  It's a great tradition.  I read a study recently that said that the number one predictor of confidence in a child was knowledge of their family history!  Wow!  What a blessing to have histories to share.  This blog is a big part of our family history.

Speaking of family history, Bruce, Joshua and I were able to go to the Temple two weeks ago and do over 40 sealings for ancestors related to Benjamin Covey, Jr., or the Caryl Hill names, as they are affectionately called in my family.  What a blessing!  I truly felt their joy as the door opened for them to progress in the eternities.  I want to thank all those in my family who worked to get these names to this point, from extended family back to my grandmother and her sisters, to Dr. Caryl Hill himself, who gathered the names in the first place.  It is truly a blessing how this came to pass, and it is still an on-going work.  There is a lot more to do!

Labor Day weekend we went up into the mountains for a horseback ride.
Libby and Josh

Peter and Libby

Unfortunately, Mary and I stayed back in the truck because Stormy stepped on Mary's foot while saddling up and she was in a lot of pain.  So Bruce, Josh, Libby and Peter went for a short ride and I stayed with Mary.  When they got back, Josh and Bruce gave Mary a Priesthood Blessing and her pain went down considerably, and by the time we got back, she was able to move her toe, and the only pain was from the layer of skin that had rubbed off.  From all the evidence I had, I am certain that before the blessing her toe was broken, and after the blessing, it was no longer broken.  Some question whether miracles have ceased, but Josh gave Mary a blessing, with Dad helping, and she was healed.  We were truly grateful, as dance is such a big part of her life, and a broken toe would have affected her deeply for a long time.

Josh worked hard at his landscaping job for the 6 weeks he was home on break.
But he also went on a lot of fun dates!  On this one he went with Alyssa horseback riding down to the river, left the horses tied up, floated down the river, walked back to the horses, and then rode home.  They had a blast!

Alyssa told her Mom, "I like Middleton!  I get to go do the funnest things!"

Mary got asked to Homecoming by Chet!  He put a rose on the front door before she got home from school with a note to go up to her bedroom.
In her bedroom was a bouquet of 2 dozens roses, with another dozen roses scattered all over her bedroom and bathroom.

And then there was a note on the bed to go to the backyard. 
Originally, he was supposed to be there on a horse, but Bruce didn't get home in time to get the horses ready, so he was just leaning against the fence.  Haha. 
They did eventually go on a horseback ride and then came back and watched It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.  Fun afternoon for Mary!

And Mary took the ACT last Saturday!  She said it went well.

Here are some pictures of Peter doing a science experiment for one of his classes.
 The experiment was to test gasoline, white gas and lighter fluid to see which one lasted the longest.  It was gasoline, by the way, but it was smoky and dirty.  The white gas burned a lot cleaner.

Libby is reading, reading, reading.  She reminds me of another 12 year old I know that read all the time...

Jesse made Concert Choir at BYU!  This is the second best choir at BYU, after University Singers.  There are 85 students in it, male and female.  Jesse was ecstatic that she made it in.  They already performed at the Inauguration of Kevin J. Worthen as the new President of BYU.

After only 3 days of practice, they sang "He Watching Over Israel" and "Come Ye that Love the Lord". 
It was awesome to see her singing with that choir as Bruce and I watched the Inauguration on BYU TV.  Way to go Jesse!

Bruce and I have also been focused on preparations for future events.  We got an awesome Grizzly double sleeping bag this week!  It's so big we fit Bruce, Peter, Libby and I all in it yesterday afternoon.  Ha ha!  We figure we only need three sleeping bags like this for our family - one for Bruce & I, another for the girls and another for the boys.  Haha.  But seriously, though, we have felt very guided in our preparations.  We are so thankful to be guided by a prophet, President Thomas S. Monson.  His message in the Ensign this month is about Preparedness, and we are doing our best to follow this guidance.

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