Monday, August 11, 2014

Happy Birthday to Josh!

Singing Las Mañanitas first thing in the morning (waking the birthday person up with the song) is a family tradition.  Here we are all piling on to the king size bed in Josh's bedroom while we sing to him.  When talking about the memories, Dad and I have to do all the talking, because none of the other kids remember anything about when he was a baby!
Floating down the river is what Josh wanted to do for his birthday, so here we are (me taking the picture) getting ready to float!  Josh had to tip us all over, of course, just to make him happy on his birthday.
It's been really fun to have Josh home during this break.  What a great son! 

He officially decided on a major this week!  After laboring intensively over the Major list at BYU-Idaho, and praying to know what was right, he settled on what felt best to him from all the alternatives, and that is Humanities with clusters in Business and Psychology!  He is doing this as a prelude to going to Law School.  He has already gotten some people trying to steer him in a different direction, without really knowing his goals and purposes with this major.  I told him this will help him weed out the people who know how to listen and have genuine interest in him.  Those that turn up their nose, so to speak, or start lecturing him on why that's not a good major will definitely fall into another category.  If they listen first, they will understand what a good major it is for what he wants to do.  I'm  excited for him!

This is what Libby has been doing a great deal of this summer:
She's been reading the Fablehaven series for I don't know - the umpteenth time.

Jesse finished up her last week of class and is headed into Finals this week.  We are praying for her!

Peter got to go boating twice this week, once with the deacons, and then once again at the invitation from our neighbor.  He is good at wake boarding already!

Bruce has started walking on his foot this week without crutches.  He can get around, but he is still limping, and it hurts and aches a lot.  I keep good oils on it, but it still feels best to have it raised up, so he has spent a lot of time on the couch in the living room with it up in the air!

I was very blessed this week to work on some surprise clients, which always helps the budget!

I canned 11 quarts of peaches this week!  Peter and Libby picked them off of our own tree on Monday.  So all week long we've been eating peaches and cream and loving the peaches.  Saturday, I finally got around to putting them up in jars.  Good feeling!

Mary has been watching Dr. Who episodes like crazy.  And on Thursday she called a bunch of friends and they floated down the river together.  Fun times!

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