Sunday, November 10, 2013

November News

Jesse sang in a concert at BYU this week with the Women's Chorus.  We got to listen to a live audio stream over the internet, and it was so beautiful!  The morning after, I was talking to Jesse and she was using the words from the songs as a way to describe her experiences, "I want to be laid low, where the Lord can find me, and bless me, and own me."  These are an interpretation of the words from one of the sangs they sang, I think it was called "Lay Me Low".  She practiced 8 1/2 hours on Friday.  She has been practicing 6 hours on a regular basis.  That is the first time she has practiced that many hours.  But she feels ready to play her Prokofiev Concerto with an accompanist at her Master Class on Monday!  I feel like driving down to Provo on Monday...

Joseph only wrote a few lines this past week in his email home.  He said they were going to have a marriage and a baptism this weekend.  I hope it went through.  This is a miracle!  Someone's life has changed forever.

Joshua is working so hard as "asistente al Presidente" (assistant to the President) in San Salvador.

Both of the boys said this week that they have come head to head with weaknesses, and they are working on overcoming them and becoming more effective missionaries.  They are already tremendous individuals, so these weaknesses must be at the very core of who they are.

I have found this in my life too.  I have found that I am on an upward spiral of learning, and I come around again to the same problems, only on a higher level every time.  I find this especially in my work with natural healing.

Peter and Bruce went duck hunting one morning with Lane Kofoed.  Peter had to go in the canoe to get the bird.
After that, he came home and dressed up like a "greaser" for the class in which they read The Outsiders.

I knew that leather jacket that I brought back from Bolivia would be of some use one day!

For mutual on Wednesday, we had Young Women in Excellence.  Mary showed off her cross-stitch that she finally finished!  It is an outline of the Twin Falls Temple, with the words "Stand as a Witness of God, at all times and in all places and in all things" written in the middle.  She has been working on it for 6 months, and this is the last step she needed to get her Young Woman Recognition Award!  This is a picture of her, not getting this award yet, but getting a ribbon for finishing up some other requirements.

Finishing up her Young Woman Recognition also meant that she was now eligible (according to our family standards), to get her Driver's License!  So guess who is now legal to drive on Idaho roadways?  It didn't take Mary long - she was bugging me every day to take her down to the DMV and get that taken care of!  She did great on the written test and the driving test.  :)  Good job Mary!  Now the only frustration is that she doesn't have her OWN car to drive.   Jesse has the van down at BYU, which she really needs.  Ah, the woes of teenage drivers! 

Peter also started playing on an Indoor Soccer team this week at one of the local universities.  
 Bruce and Laren are coaching.  It's fun to see them together on the side coaching.

Libby wrote a piano piece, and now she is adding in orchestration.  She has written parts for two flutes, a violin, and she wants the piano part as a duet on two different octaves.  She has written out the score, has held a rehearsal, and is writing up contracts for the participants.  I am lucky enough to be chosen to play one of the piano parts.  Bruce is the other, Peter is playing the violin, and Hannah and Elise, two of Libby's best friends, are playing the flute.  Ha ha ha!  Pretty cool, huh?  Like Grandma says, "Libby is always up to something".

Speaking of Grandma, she came over yesterday and we all went out to the grow boxes.  We weeded them and then planted a whole bunch of bulbs, so in the Spring it will be beautiful out there!  Isn't that thoughtful that she would do that?  The bulbs came from Aunt Angie - so thanks Aunt Angie!

We love to have our family breakfasts on Sunday mornings.  Bruce cooks bacon and hashbrowns while I sit in bed and write in my Journal or read scriptures, and then he calls for me and I come in and cook the scrambled eggs.  We then sit down to a family breakfast.  This morning we added in apple cider and a mandarin orange.  We even got three pieces of bacon this morning (that's a good day).  We only use half the table.  I have taken to sitting over by Mary, with Peter and Libby on the other side and Bruce on the end.  We do that partially because there is always papers and books at that end of the table, and partly because we just like to be closer.  :)

We are enjoying November!

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