Monday, November 25, 2013

Concerto Competition

Mary and I went down to BYU last week to hear Jesse play in the Concerto Competition!
 It's fun to go on an Road Trip!
Jesse sent a Snapchat en route:
 When we got there, this copy of the Conference Issue of the Ensign Magazine was sitting on her couch by her scriptures.  I took a picture of it because I love how she marks it up.
 Mary stayed the night with her, while I went and stayed at Gale's condo, which is only a few minutes from there.  In the morning, I went to Young Living and picked up 22 orders at the Will-Call in Lehi.  That was fun!  After that I went up to Sandy to the Training Academy at 3 Key Elements.  It was fun to connect with some of the people that I took Present Yourself! with.  After that I got to go to lunch with my friend Shauna.  We talked for almost 3 hours.  So fun to be with her!

Then it was back down to BYU for the Concerto Competition.  Mary spent the day with Jesse, going to classes with her and hanging out in the Bookstore while Jesse practiced.  The Concerto Competition is optional for Piano Performance majors.  Only four freshman competed, and Jesse was one of them.  Mary and I sat with her for a few minutes in the practice room before she went up to the Madsen Recital Hall for the Competition.  She took a few minutes to just go through it in her head before going up.  I had to have a picture of that intensity and concentration.
 She didn't win the competition, but she had a solid performance, and I was so proud of her!  After going out to dinner with Jesse, Mary, and Jane - Jesse's friend who won the competition, Mary and I left to drive home to Idaho.  The last hour was kind of sketchy, but we made it home safely, thanks to prayers and many nights of good rest before that.

Libby has continued with her passion for Symphony!  We held our second rehearsal on Saturday with Libby's friend Ragen playing on the flute, and me playing the piano.  I had to get some good shots of Libby conducting.  She's doing a great job at it!

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