Sunday, September 8, 2013

Labor Day!

Last Sunday we had a great game of Rook.  After a lot of up and downs, the score stood at Libby 485 and Bruce 455, and Mary, Peter and I way down from there.  (I was barely out of the hole).  Bruce won the bid and called for Libby as his partner!  Being very competitive, Bruce had to decide whether to win the hand and let Libby beat him, or loose on purpose to bring her down.  He chose the former, and Libby won with 615 points!  He has lived to rue the day that his eleven year old daughter beat him in Rook! (We play Mormon Colony rules, by the way, and it makes the game really fun!)

After the game, Bruce and I left to go out to the farm.  I don't go with him very often, so it was really enjoyable to be with him.  In the afternoon, we went to float the river with Jay and Leah, Brian and Marci, and Dan and Claudia, who all went on trek with us in July; and also friends of Jay and Leah's - Kim and John, and Rob and Rhonda.

Rob and Rhonda and family, with the tubes on top!
It's so fun to float the river.  It never fails to remind me of Las Estacas, the river we used to float as a family when we lived in Mexico City.

Wednesday, Peter had his first soccer game.  He only played about five minutes, however, before a storm came rolling in with thunder and lightning, and they eventually called the game.  He had another game on Saturday, but he missed that because he went on a Scout Campout up to Blue Lake.  Bruce went with them, and they took our two llamas, Achacachi and Huacuyo.   They had a fun time.  Bruce slept out on the island all by himself.  Hearing about that makes me miss Joseph and my nephew Corbin!

Wednesday after the rain, we were graced by a double rainbow over our Valley.  It was a sight to behold!

Jesse started school this last week at BYU. 
Amidst a lot of ups and downs, the highlight was that she made Women's Chorus!!  She didn't think her last to auditions went very well, but apparently they did.  She thinks it was her sight singing that got her in.  The professor said, "I always like to hear piano majors because they do well on this..."

This is Jesse and two of her roommates, Melanie and Talia.
  This is a shot of her before the rain delay at the BYU Football game.  Fun fun!

Friday night, Mary went on a date with Austin, and Nathan & Brooklyn.  They went to a local roller skating rink.  She turned a weird way, went up and caught air, and then landed flat on her tailbone.  She said she couldn't feel her leg after she landed, but she managed to shuffle off of the rink.  She had to be carried around the whole rest of the night.  Nathan carried her into my office at about 10 pm, sat her down on the chair and said, "She's hurt - really bad."  Well, no Mom likes to hear that!  I gave her a Raindrop, which is an application of essential oils on the feet and the hand with some Vita flex techniques on the back.  I had her sleep on the massage table, because I didn't know how to get her up to her bed!

She slept well, and then when I got her up in the morning to go Choreography Camp for her ballroom dance team, she was walking on crutches.  I set her up on a chair so she could watch what was going on, and then left her there.  When I came back, she was up walking around!  She said it had started to feel better, and she could move and stretch.  Wow - this was really a dramatic return to functionality from where she had been the night before.  I'm so grateful for Young Living Essential Oils, and knowing how to do the Raindrop!  It was a miracle, and I acknowledge the source of healing, which is our Savior Jesus Christ.

We got big news this week that Joshua has been made the AP (asistente al presidente).  It's a great honor and responsibility to be an AP, and although it's not something he aspired to, he is grateful to have this opportunity!  Josh is in San Salvador, then, for the first time in his mission.  The best part about the whole thing is that he is back with his companion from a month ago, Elder Soriano, and he's so excited to be with him again.  He is a great missionary!

Joseph is in Logan with an English speaking assignment, but he is companions with Elder Saldaña, who is from Mexico, so that helps.  He is still waiting for his visa to arrive!  But he doesn't worry too much about that.  He loves his area and his companion!

Peter and Libby are doing really well on the saxaphone and flute, respectively.  Peter has had to work hard because he is really a beginner in intermediate band, but he is so talented, that he is already playing some pretty good scales.

We got a new Bishopric today!  I can't put last names, so I'll just say the names of the couples involved:  Bishop Greg (and Rachelle), Craig (and Sondra), and Bryan (and Dana).  They are going to be wonderful!  I'm so excited about what the future has in store for our ward!

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lifecontinues said...

What a small world. Wonder if Jesse knows if two of the boys in her football photo are from our Maple Valley stake. The blonde at bottom left is Merrit Kropelniki and the boy above her left shoulder Jordan Polluck. Maybe they just randomly were in photo because of seating, but I hope not. If I had a daughter I'd be thrilled to have young men like them as friends. Hope you don't mind if I share this photo with their moms.