Monday, August 26, 2013

School Begins!

Late Sunday night, a week ago, I had to message Jesse this picture so she would know we hadn't sold the piano.  On her way home with Larren & Tiffany (thank you so much for bringing her!), she texted and said, "I want to play my baby!"  Bruce told me to text back that we sold it. This is what she wrote back:

After laughing a bit, I wrote back, "Wow... That didn't go over well.  Dad says there's an extra bed at the neighbors."  And then she wrote, "Mommy! Stop it! My heart is splitting and breaking into a thousand pieces. :( "  Followed my another message that said, "Dad is mean."

 So that's when I sent this picture (above), and said, "It's waiting for you!!!"

I was happy to read what she wrote next, "Thank you!!!!! :) I think my heart just came back together :). I would still come home if you sold it, but only because I love you guyso so much!! Just slightly more than my piano ) jk!"
 Of course we were thrilled when she finally got home and played for us!  I spent a good part of the week laying on the couch, like I used to, listening to her play.  It was amazing what she had learned over the summer on her own!  She won't start the music program at BYU until this Fall (well - that's only a week away).  All the music professors take off during the summer term.

Tuesday morning, Mary, Peter, Jesse and I went to the Temple.  They did baptisms and confirmations for 9 of the family names that I had prepared, and afterwards, I went and did the initiatory work for the four female names.  It is wonderful to be able to do that!  Mary and Peter met the father of John, a boy that our cousin Brianna is dating.  He recognized our common last name.  That was fun!

That night, Mary convinced me that the family tradition on the night before the first day of school is for the whole family to go to Pizza Hut.  I'm not altogether sure that this is a tradition - I recall maybe doing it once - but I figured now is a good time to continue, so that's what we did.  It was fun to have Jesse there with us too.

Wednesday morning came bright and early.  We had scripture study, and then Mary got a ride with the neighbors - Gaigh and Gunnar - to Show Choir, which is zero hour.  Unfortunately, she took off so early that I forgot to get a picture of her.  Peter and Libby looked so cute in their new outfits.
 It was really strange to see them in something other than khaki pants and a polo shirt.
 Down at the bus stop, we met up with Emilie and Zoe.
 Wednesday night, I gave Peter a haircut.  This is Day 2:
On Friday, we celebrated Jesse's 18th birthday!
 In the middle of the night, Kalli, Sophia and Serena came and decorated the kitchen for Jesse's birthday.  They went all out!  It was such a thoughtful and fun thing to do!
We sang Las Mañanitas in the morning, and then had German Pancakes, bacon, orange juice and blueberries for her breakfast.  That afternoon we floated the river, and then visited our friends Laren and Caralee and their family.  She will no longer have to wear her t-shirt that says, "I am 17 years old".  She'll have to pass it on to Mary, who will wear it with pride for the first 6 months that she's 17.  ha ha

On Friday, we had the Family Street Dance!
Aubrey and Justin with their daughter
Mary and Peter swing dancing
Line dancing to Cotton Eye Joe

What had a great turn out.  Gary and Heidi came with Jeremy, Kaleb, Zach and Sarah.  We made some new friends at the Martin's Cove Trek in July, and a couple of families came from that, and then some old friends came, and that made it perfect!

On Sunday, we went down to our niece Kaylee's farewell.  We got to see our Utah cousins, which we love!

Kaylee gave an awesome farewell talk, one of the best that I've heard in a long time.  It was on testimony, and she shared her own testimony building experiences, and they were wonderful.  I'm so thankful that she is going to serve a mission in Sendai, Japan!

And then, we had to say good-bye to Jesse.  She got a ride down to Utah with Lorna Kay and Kaylee.
That was hard!  Jesse said it was much harder to say goodbye this time.  I had the same experience when I had to my family after almost a year of being away.

It has been a great week!

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