Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Whirlwind of May

Once again, I have so many pictures and fun things to blog about!
Jesse - in the black and white skirt on the left
Jesse is in the Top 10 at her High School!  All of the Top 10 Seniors have a 4.0, so it is quite an accomplishment.  She gets to speak at Graduation - to follow in the footsteps of her mother and Joshua.  :)

I started taking an online class from Sharon Plaskett with my friends Shauna, Teresa and Sonni.  It is called Five Elements Level 1: Room with a View.  I love the Chinese Five Elements, and Sharon has a wonderful insight into them.  I've loved the class so far.

Is this the cutest picture ever? They came walking across the field like this, and I had to have a picture.  Mary and Peter are refereeing for our local soccer club.  Peter just started this spring, and Mary has been refing for 2 years already.  They are awesome referees!

For the last day in Madrigals, the choir teacher had everyone spread out to the edges of the room, and then Mr. C turned out the lights.  They sang Prayer of the Children, their signature song of the year.  Then he gathered them in one at a time until they were in a big group hug.  Jesse and Mary said it was unforgettable.  I love this picture!

Shaun Canon, a finalist with American Idol (top 50) a few years back came and put on a special concert with the choir and band kids from our high school.  Jesse and Mary were involved - both of them with the Madrigals, and Mary with the Show Choir.
Out in the hall before the performance, Jesse and Bruce are doing that slapping thing with your fingers that - well - I can't even explain it.  If you've ever done it, you'll know what I'm talking about!!  ha ha
 Mary is front and center here dancing to a swing song played by our Jazz Band.  The week before, she and Dallin spent a couple of hours learning lifts and then taught them to the rest of the show choir.  They were awesome!  Mary is so fun to watch when she is dancing!
 About halfway through the concert, a storm caused the power to go out at the High School!  We had a bit of back up lighting and power, so they used that and went on with the Concert.  That's why you can't see Jesse very well in the picture above.  She is standing on the left of the picture.  She got to sing a solo with her friend Sam and Shaun Canon (at the keyboard).  She was rockin' the house!
Libby, Mary, Shaun Canon, Peter and Jesse after the concert
 The next night it was Peter's turn to shine in his Orchestra Concert.
He played "It's a Gift To Be Simple" and "William Tell" on his violin with his 6th grade beginning orchestra.  We had to laugh because practicing at home he had been playing William Tell about 3 times as fast as they played it in the concert!  He got the highest achievement award from his conductor.  He was also complimented on his long bows.  Peter loves playing the violin!

The NEXT night (an award ceremony/concert almost every night!), it was Jesse's turn to be honored at the annual Senior's Night for our Ward Mutual (the Young Men/Young Women organization at our Church).  For the event, my friend Tammy puts together a slide show of pictures for each senior from pictures their parents provide.  This makes for an interesting time for the parent as they go through all the growing up years.  It's quite the experience!  Having done it three times now in four years, I'm getting to be pretty good at it!
Awesome Seniors from our Ward!!
Tori, Jesse and Alicia
Peter got to go to the Bruneau Sand Dunes with his 6th grade class.  They had a ball!  The bus broke down twice, but they had a great time anyway.  On Saturday, at Peter's soccer game, the ref stopped keeping score when Peter's team was 12 goals ahead.  Awesome possum!

On Saturday night was a night I personally have been waiting for these many years!  Well, at least the last 3 years, and the occasion was Jesse's Senior Recital!  We had announcements printed up along with her graduation announcement, which was convenient.

Thanks to our wonderful Choir Director, she was able to play at the High School Auditorium - on the grand piano - on the stage - in the lights!  It was awesome!

Here is a small clip of her playing the finale to Etude No. 6 by Franz Liszt.

Here are the songs she played:

Prelude and Fugue No. 9 in E Major (WTC 2)............. Johann Bach
Jeux d’eau........................................................... Maurice Ravel
“River God laughing at the water that tickles him...”
Sonata No. 23 in F Minor, “Appassionata”.... Ludwig van Beethoven
Etude No. 6.............................................................. Franz Liszt
Consolation No. 3....................................................... Franz Liszt
Etude No. 23 in A Minor, “Winter Wind”................ Frédéric Chopin

It was about 45 minutes worth of playing - and she played every note memorized.  By any standard, that alone was an outstanding accomplishment.  But then you add the level of technique and the difficulty of the music, and it was fantastic!  I know I'm a little biased here, but I think all that were in the audience would agree!

Jesse dedicated Consolation No. 3 to me, saying, "My Mom is my biggest fan.", which is the honest truth!!  It was lovely - I cried through the whole thing.

Congratulations, Jesse!!

Jesse and her fabulous teacher for the last five years - Jeff Romero

Jesse and Bishop and his wife Glendi

Connor, Jesse, Dane, Kirsten, Paul and Libby after the Concert

Jesse's choir director, who has meant so much to her for the last four years.  Thank you Dan!
If that's not enough for one blog, let me add one more very happy day - Mother's Day!
 Bruce, Jesse, Mary, Peter and Libby made me a lovely breakfast.
 At the table, they set up pictures of  the boys in their chairs!  That made me cry, of course.
Thanks for the lovely breakfast!

And then later in the afternoon, we got to be on Skype with both of our missionaries!  I'll always remember the big cheer that went up when we got both of  them on the screen.  So fun!
I love this picture, especially of Jesse - look at her smile!  And Grandma's getting her two cents worth!  :)

Doesn't this make for a Happy Mother's Day!

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