Monday, January 21, 2013

Winter Wonderland

Happy 19th Birthday to Joseph!

 He's all set up here for his haircut, with his mission shirt on, of course.

Speaking of Joseph, his senior year of HS, he took a photography course on-line to cover a computer credit for graduation.  It paid off on the morning of the 17th of January, when we awoke to this gorgeous display of ice crystals on every inch of everything outside.  Joseph went outside with his camera and took some incredible shots!


This our Faith in Every Footstep Weather Vane.  Symbolic, isn't it?

Snowflake on Joseph's glove

Beautiful pictures!  Thanks to Joseph.

Jesse played her audition pieces over at my cousin Karen's house on Friday night.  They were kind enough to host us over there.  She loved playing on their beautiful Yamaha Baby Grand.  She is playing this Tuesday at our high school auditorium on the grand piano on the stage!!  And then on Saturday we'll head down to UT for her audition at BYU, and then to Rexburg for her audition at BYU-I.  She has been working and looking forward to this day since she was 14.  Joseph, Bruce and the home teachers gave her a beautiful Priesthood blessing, with Joseph being the voice, of courage, confidence and comfort.  She is prepared and will do awesome.  Any prayers would be appreciated!

Mary has been practicing dance almost every day for two hours.  She set a goal to do that a few weeks back and has been awesome at it!

Peter went back to fiddle lessons after three weeks of break.  His fiddle teacher said, "Wow" when Peter played Five Foot Two for him.  He's really progressed!

Libby has taken to sleeping in the fort.  Not the Big Fort that the kids made at Christmas, or Peter's Fort - the outdoor one, but the "Wardrobe" fort behind Joseph and Peter's closet.  It's boiling hot in there for some reason because the heating is weird, but she likes it so she's taken it over as her second room.  Her friends love to come over and play in there with her.

Bruce has been through another intense week at work!  He is even working today, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, hoping to get through some projects with his team.

Well, we're hoping it will warm up a little around here, but we are loving the snow and the beautiful frost!

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