Monday, January 14, 2013

Let it Snow!

Last Thursday, I woke up and happened to look at my Inbox first thing, and saw that school was out because of weather.  Next to Christmas morning, about the most fun thing I've done as a parent is to sneak into the kids' room in the morning and whisper that it's a SNOW DAY!! 

Here's Libby all geared up!  Peter was out on the snow by nine in the morning.  When he came home around six (he had been at a friends for a little while, but literally - I think he was outside most of the day), he took off his coat and his long t-shirt was hanging like a skirt around his legs with a coating of ice hanging from it.  They had a blast sledding behind the four-wheeler.  Friends Erica and Nathan even talked Jesse off the couch, away from her book, to come out with them.

We have been so happy to have Isaac home again!  When I say home, I don't mean our home, but it's next door, and pretty close to home.  Tori is all dressed up for the dance!
Walker, Freddy, Max, Tori, Jesse and Alicia
 Jesse and Mary went with the youth on a Temple Trip.  These are some of the seniors in the ward.  Great kids!
I love this picture of Joseph.  He found this bird out in the backyard and it allowed Joseph to pick it up.  He wasted no time in naming the bird Fred.  Joseph brought Fred into the house and just sat and looked at him for a long time.  This was a beautiful bird!  Eventually he got put back in the yard, and he took off, but it was pretty amazing to see a wild bird just hanging out with Joseph like that.

Speaking of Joseph, he got a commissioned sales job selling Direct TV, Dish Network, and security systems in the local mall.  We'll see how much money comes of it, but it has been a good experience to have to talk to strangers, and it's been good for him to get out and feel like he's being useful!  Well, he is always useful, but he feels better about it, anyway.

We've been wondering if  we have any electricians among our ancestors, because we have had some unseen help this week with our water pump.  It has gone off two or three times, and each time, Bruce will toggle the electricity, and eventually it will come back on, but from what he understands of the electrical circuit and how the pump works, there's no logical reason why it should be coming back on, on it's own.  So, we've been very grateful for water this week.

And, wow has it been cold!  We haven't had a cold streak like this in years.  Joseph and Peter are my heroes for going out and milking the cow every night when it's 9 degrees or colder.  And Bruce for feeding the animals every day.  Joseph said the van registered -6 degrees when he went to the Temple Saturday morning!

Mary had fun at her dance class this week.  The teacher was teaching a new dance that was new to Mary, and he would pick her to show the new steps.  He leads well enough, and she follows well enough, that they could demonstrate how to do the new steps, even though she'd never done them before!  I thought that was pretty impressive.  It was fun that night, too, because Peter's school teacher was in the class, so it was fun to talk to her.

How gracious and merciful is our God.  That's what I feel like testifying of at this moment.  In our rebellion and distraction, in our forgetfulness and ingratitude, His hand is stretched out still.  And when we turn to Him, immediately is the plan of Salvation put into effect in our behalf.  Turn. Turn, turn and look!  As Alma said, we are deceived by the easiness of the way.  We have a Savior, Jesus Christ, and we are saved, if we will but turn to Him and look.

Happy wintering!

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