Sunday, September 26, 2010

From their own Perspective

I asked the kids what I should write about them, and Joseph, Jesse and Mary responded.  The rest is my input.  You have to chuckle just a little at this, I'm sure!

Jesse is legit and she can play the piano like Beethoven.  And she likes going to bed, and she wakes up at 5:00 in the morning to practice, and still makes it to family scripture study.

Joseph's Varsity soccer team beat the other top team in the league 3-0 on Saturday!  Wohoo!  Joseph is so awesome that he doesn't even need to say anything about how cool he is.  Oh, and all the chicks dig Joseph.  He also started on his Eagle Scout Project.  He is building a sand volleyball court at a local park.

Mary is tired!  She played two soccer games on Saturday, and came home exhausted.  Fasting today also contributed, but she was faithful and fasted the whole time.  Mary is having an awesome time in 8th grade with all her friends.  They meet every day at lunch in the art teacher's room.  The art teacher has nicknamed them her "Lunch Entourage".

Peter made a goal in his U-11 game last Saturday.  I was just getting to the game, so I happened to be walking behind the goal at the time.  All of a sudden here came Peter up the left side of the field with the ball. And there was a kick and the ball was in the back of the net!  Wohoo Peter!  It was fun to see that #25 with our last name on it running down the field.  Since Peter is in U-11 this year, he got to purchase his own uniform.  Boy, is he proud of that uniform!  He takes good care of it too.

Libby is learning to do a back walkover on the balance beam in gymnastics.  Can you believe it?  And she can also do a front handspring.  Her gymnastics teacher says you just tell Libby to do something and she does it.  When we take her to Jesse and Joseph's soccer games at the park, she can easily be spotted as the girl doing cartwheels and walkovers and handsprings all over the park.

Bruce was injured badly on Thursday helping a friend round up some cows for an auction.  Bruce said when he came home that they learned that it was a bad idea to round up black cows at night!  One cow decided to run right into him, so his right quadriceps muscle is deeply bruised.  He finally started to feel some relief today, which was good because he was grimacing with every step.  Of course this didn't stop him from working from morning until late at night.  He worked helping Joseph with his Eagle Project, and then helped round up horses for Joseph's date.  (Oh yes, I forgot to write that Joseph went on a date last night, and part of it was horseback riding.) Then he set up the sound system, etc, etc.  AND he loaded the dishwasher to boot!!

I enjoyed the General Relief Society Meeting!  When Sis Allred showed the picture of the Paraguayan family I all of a sudden had tears streaming down my face.  I thought of the Villareal family in Huanuni (a small mining town in Bolivia where I served my mission), and of course I started to cry.  I loved Sis. Thompson's words when she said, "Visiting teaching is never done!"

I got to give two Raindrops this week, which was so fun.  I love doing that.

I am looking forward to General Conference this week!  As a family we watch in on or  I love hearing from apostles and prophets.

Today when we came home from Church, we walked into the living room and had our own family testimony meeting.  I am so grateful that the children are willing to do that.  I don't think they have any idea how much I love to hear them bear their testimonies.  We need to Skype Joshua next time we do that.

Joshua is doing great at BYU-I.  He is enjoying his classes.  He had his first competitive soccer game (at 10:00 pm no less!) this week, and they won 2-1.  Only in a college town!!

I want to say how much I love being a mother and doing what I'm doing in my life right now.  The other day Peter said to me, "Mom you dream of having a clean house."  I thought about that for a moment, and then said.  "No, I don't dream about that, because if I did, then we would have a clean house."  My point was, that I have put a lot of other things as higher priorities.  I told Peter, "My dream is to have children that play the piano, and read, and get good grades, and are good soccer players."  He said, "But you already have that!"  Ha ha My point exactly.  This is what I really want, and that's what I've got.  I also love my Young Living business.  It is exactly what I've wanted to do for the last twenty years, and now I find myself with all the tools, the timing, the product, the mentoring - everything flowing together so I can live that dream.  All I'm missing now is about 12 more hours in the day!!  Ha ha  :)

I know, I know.  Everybody has the same 24 hours.  We just do the best we can with the time given.

I love you all who read this blog - thank you for all your comments.  I love them!!


annette said...

Your family is so inspiring. Job well done.

Kendra said...

That was fun to read, Lorena! Thanks for being such a good mom and example.