Saturday, June 13, 2009

What more could happen - Part 2 - The Street Dance!

Warning: I'm a little opinionated and passionate about dances, so if you don't like to dance - you'd better skip to the next post. :)

The day after the Last Day of School, we held our 4th annual (or something like that - I've lost track) Family Street Dance to welcome in summer.

Although advertised as a "Family" Street Dance, apparently there are too many adults that have forgotten what it is like to let loose and dance, because mostly it's children and teenagers that come. Although disappointing (because I just feel really bad for anyone that's not there), I don't let it stop me from having a ball. The adults that do come - thank you to you all! - are my favorite people. Did you hear that - if you didn't come you are off my list of favorite people! HA HA Just kidding. I know, I know - not everyone LOVES to dance like I do, so I try to wrap my mind around that fact and understand it. Sort of. Maybe. Confession - I can't do it!

Anyway, this year, it almost didn't go off, because all day it was cloudy and on the brink of raining. At 8:00 pm, when we were getting ready to set up the sound system, it started to sprinkle outside. Not to be deterred, we waved the magic wand (aka-the whole family working together) and cleaned up the big garage in a hurry in order to turn the Street Dance into a Driveway/Garage/Barn Dance. It worked, and people came!

My absolute favorite part of this dance is watching the under 13 age group.They have so much fun! Their not to that stage where they are so worried about what their peers think, so they actually DANCE, instead of standing around talking. And who's dancing with who on the slow dances is always highly entertaining. Peter had to actually chase a girl down, and she finally relented and danced with him. Ha ha! For some reason, I don't think that will be happening too often in the future, as it will be the girls chasing Peter down.Speaking of Peter, this is the first time he's really wanted to dance. In years past, he would just look at me like I was an alien when I suggested he actually dance. This year was different, he was doing the Macarena, and the other dances too. Yes! I couldn't bear to have one of my children not like to dance. That would be a major parenting failure.

Afterward, Libby named off all the 5th & 6th grade boys that she danced with (yes - 4 years older than her.) I mentioned this in the last post - age is not a big deal to Libby when it comes to who is her friend. And let's not deny the fact that Idaho boys are raised to be gentleman! :)

We got to play some of the Mad Boys' songs during the dance. One girl said to Josh, "I fell asleep listening to your voices last night, and then I woke up again to your voices, because my mp3 player was on repeat." Josh's reaction: "That was a little weird!" (with a grin, of course.) Ha ha

Some of our friends told me that their young sons (under 9) listen to the Mad Boys CD non-stop, even during the night. If Dad gets up in the night and turns off the CD, the boys start to cry and go and turn it back on! Mom & Dad are sick of the songs!

So, back to the dance. I just love Bruce at these dances. He dances and has fun, mostly because he is a fun loving guy and enjoys dancing with the kids. But also, he does it to be nice to me, because I love it so much. I adore this man. I got jealous of Mary after awhile because she got her Dad on the slow dances often! But it's OK - I got some good ones in too, especially "You've Got a Groovy Kind of Love", by Phil Collins, which was a song that came out while he was waiting for me on my mission. A dedication song, you know.

I've been a little hard on the teenagers in this post. Thank you for coming and making it look like the whole middle school and high school came out for the dance. You guys are awesome!!

I do always wish, at this Street Dance, that my parents and brothers and sisters were here. They are SO much fun at a dance. No holding back in the Jean and DeeAnne family when it comes to a dance.

Speaking of my family, 48 hours after the Street Dance, I got a phone call at 10 pm Sunday night from my sister saying that I needed to come immediately. To be continued...

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WhettenWild said...

That looks like fun Lorena! I had to laugh at the teenager picture. That's what I would have been doing at their age! ha ha!