Saturday, June 13, 2009

What more could happen in a week?

Between Thursday 6/4 and Thursday 6/11, A LOT happened.

I know you get tired of hearing this on my blog. You MUST get tired of hearing it, because I get tired trying to blog about it!! But I want to remember it all very clearly, so here goes...

First of all - the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! For nine years running, when the kids get off the bus, we have a huge water fight.

While I was off at the school seeing Jesse get an award for being one of the best Math students, Bruce and Peter dragged a 100 gallon water tank from the dry pasture onto a trailer and filled it with water. When I got home, Peter and Libby were soaking wet. It was too big of a temptation for Bruce to have so much water and Peter and Libby dry. He dunked them both!

At noon, we gathered down at the end of the street with neighbors and friends, lots of four-wheelers, buckets, squirt guns, water balloons and hoses.

And here is the moment we've been waiting for - the first kids get off the bus (and it happens to be Mary!) The poor bus driver got it right in the face with a water balloon! Yikes - I hurried up to put a stop to the 10-year old boys doing that.And the water starts to fly!I have to thank my friend Wenderful for taking these pictures. I myself prefer to be in the middle of it.
And here's the evidence. She was kind of enough not to post this picture of me. But, at the risk of embarrassing myself, I'll post the evidence!

In this picture I'm going straight for the big splash on Jesse (she's on the very left of the picture.)
And I got her good!
Silly string was added to the mix,

and boys chasing girls,
and vice-versa.
There was lots of laughter and screaming,
and muscle-showing.No one is spared, as you can see in this picture!Even Libby got in on the bucket action with her friend Jazra. (I know, Jazra looks a little older than Libby, but Libby doesn't consider age when defining who her friends are.)
Talk about FUN FUN FUN!! I just laughed my head off.

After the water fight went down to the cul-de-sac and barbecued hot dogs and hung out in the sun for the rest of the afternoon. This year we had tons of kids in our pool and playing on the playset.This picture was actually taken the next day, and is typical of what our playset usually looks like. Good thing Bruce built it well.

To be continued...

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