Monday, October 27, 2014

Flitting About

When I go out of town, Bruce doesn't tell anyone where I have gone; he just tells them I am flitting about.

But before I tell you about my trip, Mary had a Madrigals and Show Choir concert this week.  I love this concert!  Mary performed so well.  She is the president of both the Madrigals and the Show Choir, so she sends text messages to the choir members almost every day, letting them know what's going on and where they are expected to be and when.  She does a great job keeping everybody organized.

Sometimes dog-piles happen on the couch.  This is a "dog-pile" selfie.  Ha ha

Mary said goodbye to Chet for two years on Friday.  This Wednesday, he will leave to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Belgium Netherlands Mission.  We are so grateful that he is going on a mission.  He is going because, as he said in his farewell talk, "Heavenly Father is waiting to send buckets of blessings down on us," and he wants to share that with the people in Belgium and the Netherlands.  He will be missed, and not just by Mary!

In the meantime, Jesse and Stephen have started dating.  This has made me One Happy Mama!

And now, to my trip.  On Friday, I went to visit my Mom and Dad, and took Libby with me.  She and cousin Alyssa got to spend almost two days and a night together, sleeping over at Grandma's.  How fun is that!

Libby had it in her head that she wanted to make bread dough and form it into cool shapes.  We watched a video online of someone doing that, and she wanted to try it.  Thank goodness Grandma was around to help her with that!  Good job Libby!

With the leftover dough, Grandma helped Libby and Alyssa make homemade pizzas.  They were delicious!  I posted this picture on Facebook, and you wouldn't believe how many comments people made about my Mom - how fun it was to see a picture of her, and what good memories people have of being in her kitchen and cooking with her, etc.  From old friends, other grandchildren and nieces.  My Mom is well-loved!  :)

We also got a great visit from Craig and Jennette and their children.  Hello Grant!!

The next day, I went to a Christ Centered Energy Healing Conference, and I really enjoyed the day and what I learned.  I came away with some great information and a ton of new leads for books I want to read.

That night I got a ride over to Rexburg, and I got to watch Josh play soccer in a scrimmage game.  He's the one playing defense in the long black pants and red penny (sp?) over a green shirt.  He plays on a team with some old high school buddies - Dane, Curtis, Calvin, Josh, Paul and Braiden (although Braiden was sick that night so I didn't get to see him).  Josh's roommate Aaron also plays with the team.  I sat on the sidelines in some warm wool blankets and watched the game.  Josh played defense and did a great job!  He hustled, was in the right position, passed well and was having fun to boot!  Afterwards, we went to a little shack and got a specialty hot chocolate - it was yummy!
Josh borrowed Aaron's car and took me back to Rexburg, and Josh got to see Grandma, Grandpa, Libby and Rodney, my brother-in-law, who was helping Grandma fix a door lock.  I love this picture of my Dad and I!
On our drive, Josh told me all about his date with Elizabeth the night before, and his date with Christina to the Piano Guys Concert.  So fun!

The next morning Libby and I got to see our old Bishop and his wife Glendi!  They now live just a few blocks from my Mom and Dad, and we were in the same Sacrament Meeting with them on Sunday morning.

I had a great talk with my friend Karen G., coming and going.  Later in the afternoon, after we got home, Bruce was showing the kids the pictures and story that Aunt Michelle sent of the trip Bruce's family took when he was eleven years old back to Nauvoo.  Mary took a screen shot of this family picture that was taken around that time.  Classic!

Oh, and among all this hulabaloo, Bruce and Peter went up hunting again on Thursday at mid-morning.  It rained and rained and rained, and they didn't see a thing.  So Friday morning they packed up and were home by the afternoon.  They did go over to Larren and Tiffany's and process the venison meat into hamburger, so now we'll have some new meat to try!  Never had that before.

When I got back half of the leaves, or more, on our big Autumn Blaze maple tree out in front had fallen off.  Does anyone besides me have this sad feeling when they see leaves blow off of a tree in the fall?  I do.  But I don't let it stay there.  I go inside my space between stimulus and response, acknowledge the emotion, and then choose my response, one that is filled with gratitude for the seasons of life, and the opportunity for growth through the winter.  And then peace fills my soul and I feel to acknowledge the great goodness of our God.

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