Monday, May 5, 2014

End of the Year Concerts!

What a great week for watching performances!

The Show Choir performance at the high school is the most fun concert of the year, and Mary rocked the house!

Mary sang "Only Hope" for side act (a number between the big team numbers).  She sang beautifully!

Peter and Libby attended a camp the weekend before, and learned a dance that they performed that night to "In Summer" from the movie Frozen.  Peter did one of his famous back flips, launched in the air by David.  It looked awesome!
Mary's friend Chester, whom she met at Choir Festival a month ago, came to watch her perform.
Here's Mary afterwards eating ice cream with friends. 
 Here are the three performers!
And the fam...
Then the next day Mary received was recognized at a Stake Young Women's meeting for receiving her Young Women's Medallion.  Our ward's Young Women also sang the special musical number for the night, Come Unto Christ.  Mary sang a small solo, and it was fun to see Libby singing with the Young Women for the first time!

The next day I got to go with Peter's school choir to their Festival and be a chaperone.  They did a great job!
That night, Libby performed in her Dance Recital!  She danced with two different groups and danced beautifully!

And then we were off to Choir Tour with Mary!  Bruce and I both got to go, and we were the head chaperones for Bus #2.  That means we got the front seats and got to pick the movies.  :)  We traveled to a high school on the Wasatch Front, in Utah, and sang  there, and then we went to Lagoon.  Fun times!

Mary and Sam

Mary and Mom and Dad

And now I am at my brother Craig's house because he and his wife Jenette just had a baby!  Grant Loal was born at 9 lbs 6 oz. and we are so happy to add him as one of our wonderful cousins!

Jesse has been a super-star cousin!  For the past ten days she has been here helping Craig and Jenette before the baby was born.  They said she was an amazing help!  She also got notice this week that she received an academic scholarship from BYU!  Way to go Jesse!  That is an amazing accomplishment, especially considering that when her freshman class entered, we were told that her class was the most highly qualified class to ever enter BYU.  So to get good enough grades among that elite class to receive a scholarship really says something about how hard she worked.  In addition, she received an A on her Juries for the piano performance program, and is still waiting to hear about scholarship money from that department.  Jesse worked incredibly hard to accomplish this, and learned life lessons that could be learned in no other way.  Maybe I'll have her do a guest post sometime so she can relate some of her experiences!

Josh is also doing great - I got to see him last night and he is fully into studying.  But the social scene is a little different.  According to Josh, "Girls are all dumb."  Ha ha!  That made me laugh.  We'll see how long that sentiment lasts.

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