Monday, March 11, 2013

Libby's Birthday

Libby turned eleven this week! 

She has been planning her party for weeks.  She created a google document - a spreadsheet - and shared it with me via email when I was down in Salt Lake.  She knows how to do this thanks to her fabulous 5th grade teacher, whose specialty is technology.  Libby takes full advantage of it! 

As is our family custom, we sang Las Mañanitas to her in the morning.  It was really strange out in the hall for Jesse, Mary and I to look at each other and say, "Is this all of us?"  Bruce and Peter were on a Scout Campout and Josh and Joseph are on their missions.  That only left three of us out in the hall.  So we went in singing and there she was, already sitting up in bed reading.  It was about 7:30 am.  I knew she might be awake, but she informed me she'd been awake for hours!

We had crepes for her favorite breakfast, and she got the "I Am Special Today" plate.  We laugh every time now, about Grandma saying to Joseph on the morning of Joshua's farewell, "You're not special today!" and his gentle reply, "Well Grandma, it's my birthday!".  Oh - poor Grandma.  We'll never let her live it down.  :)

The party started with playing Tellestrations:
Then we moved on to the Treasure Hunt, and here are the clues.
Clue #1

 Clue #2
Clue #3 (OK - so this one was a stretch! ha ha)

 Clue #4
Clue #5
And the Treasure!

We then played two truths and lie, followed by cake and ice cream, and opening presents!

There was one last candle that Libby couldn't blow out because she was laughing so hard!

Ha ha!  She finally got the candle, and then after eating, she soon found herself over at the piano, which happens OFTEN.
Libby had a great birthday and we're so thankful to all her friends who came over to celebrate it with her.

Bruce and Peter had a great time on their Scout Campout.  They went to a warm cabin, but right before bedtime, Peter announced that he was going to go outside and sleep under the stars.  It was around 20 degrees.  At first he was headed out by himself, but then two more boys joined, not wanting to be outdone!  Peter was prepared - he had a good sleeping bag and a bandana over his face.  The next day, the boys went about building an igloo.  Peter's friend Jake gave him a big ol' bowie knife a week or two ago.  I didn't like the look of that thing at all, but Peter was so proud of it and was wearing it everywhere.  Well, when it came time to build the igloo, it came in handy!  Peter pulled out his trusty bowie knife and cut big blocks of crunchy ice like cutting through butter.  They built an igloo in no time, one that could fit six boys and a couple of leaders inside!  When they were telling me this, I just laughed.  Why am I not surprised?!  :)

Jesse was sick for three days flat in bed this week.  Adrenal fatigue finally took over.  She has pushed herself SO HARD, for the last three years, really, and after the audition and the decision making process was over to go to BYU in Summer term, she really just collapsed and stayed in bed literally for three days.  For the spastic bumper car girl (a childhood nickname), this was not usual, but much needed!  Just for the record, she didn't just sleep (that would be too unproductive).  She read one book (I can't remember the name of it), and then she read the whole Twilight series - yes - all four books in three days.  She can speed read like nobody's business.  By the end, she felt well-rested and ready to tackle life again.

Mary had a show choir performance this week at the high school.  I have to add this picture in.  She had so much hairspray in her hair for the performance, that that the next day when she put it in a bun, it stayed!  Without any hair clips, bobby pins, etc.!  Ha ha ha.
The kids also had fun visiting their cousins in Meridian, Nicole and Michelle, for their Grandpa Lamar's 80th birthday party.

This week in Sacrament Meeting, we sang Praise Ye the Lord as the opening Hymn.  I have loved that Hymn ever since we sang it in University Chorale as a freshman at BYU.  As I contemplated the words, I had to stop singing because I felt so strongly the love of the Lord in my life, and in my family's life, and I wanted to praise Him as the song willed us to do.  I am so grateful for my life and the blessings the Lord has given our family.  I hope I can serve and share those blessings with others.

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