Monday, February 25, 2013

A week without Mom

After the Funeral last week, Bruce and the kids dropped me off in Sandy for a Touch for Health Class that lasted 8 days.  It was hard to say good-bye to them after all the events that day, but I had had a very strong confirmation months earlier that I was supposed to be at this class, so that softened the hard part. 

This Touch for Health class was amazing, from a wonderful teacher.  It tied together a lot of loose ends for me in both skills and knowledge.  I'm so grateful that I was able to be there!  Keeping in touch with everyone was challenging because my there was limited coverage for talking from the house where I was staying at, but thankfully I had texting and my computer with me.  I got to go to the Jordan River Temple with my dear friend Shauna, and also out to Salt City Burger with my other dear friends Karen, Amy and Suzanne. It was so fun to be with them, and learn of their happy moments and struggles and challenges, which we all have.  I also got to attend Kirk Duncan's Body Language class, one for missionaries, and then one just for general public.  I learned a ton and was happy I got to attend!  I had a memorable ride home on the shuttle, which included a 90 minute wait in a conveniance store in Pocatello at 2:00 in the morning.  It is a good thing I can sleep anywhere, anytime, including a cold, hard floor with a duffle bag for a pillow.  :)

Jesse picked me up at the airport, and she had been at the Temple and was fasting to know which college she should go to.  It had been ten days since she found out she was accepted into the School of Music at BYU, and she was going back and forth between BYU and BYU-Idaho.  She told me several times during the week, "I think I'm going to BYU-Idaho, even though I don't want to."  This was said in a morose voice with no energy to it.  Hmmm.  Not what a Mom wants to hear.  She had said earlier, "I have a peaceful feeling when I think of BYU-Idaho, but when I think of telling BYU that I'm not coming, I feel horrible."  This is how I felt too.  I had been praying all week for her, had her work with my friend Leah on some things, and had asked Bruce to give her a blessing.  He hadn't done it because he had been sick.  So this is the place we were at, driving home from the airport.  I told her I would write everything she was thinking while she was driving.  I told her I was not in mother mode, and I just wanted to help reflect what she was thinking.  So I just started writing as fast as I could while she talked.  When we got to the Cheese Factory, I had a very strong feeling come over me, and I said, "Jesse, listen to what I'm going to say right no because it's really important.  I'm back in 'mother mode' and I need you to listen.  Heavenly Father wants you to know that this is a win-win situation.  There is no wrong decision here, as far as He is concerned.  He asks you to live within the boundaries that He has set, and you do.  You do!  But within those boundaries, there is a lot of room for making your own decisions according to your own choice and what YOU would like to do.  So both colleges are a win - and He wants YOU to decide where you want to go and what you would like to do.  And He wants you to know how much He adores you, and how much He appreciates your willingness to be obedient and do whatever is required."  Well, we both had tears streaming down our cheeks at this point.  I KNEW that what I was saying was true, and was exactly what Heavenly Father wanted her to hear.  I then said, "You can go home and pray about what I have said, because you should get your own answer," but then she said, "I don't need to, Mom.  I already know.  I want to go to BYU."  We talked and cried some more, but the answer was clear.  We looked up the application on her iPhone before we even got home and found that YES button and pressed send.  What a great feeling!

And then, as if we hadn't already had enough tender mercies (see my last post about the timing of her acceptance to the School of Music letter), we had another tender mercy in the timing of this answer to prayer, because later that afternoon, she received her academic acceptance into BYU.  It was a great blessing to already know she wanted to go there, because if she was still trying to make that decision, that would have made it even harder.  Interestingly enough, they told us at the School of Music that if she made it into the School of Music and NOT into BYU, that they could pull some strings most of the time to get the student in.  Thankfully in this case, they didn't have to do that.  :)  One caveat though:  she was accepted into the Summer Term!  So she goes off to college in June, with the 21st being her orientation day!  Bruce has been telling her for the last two years that she couldn't go to summer, but he didn't know that she put summer on her application as to when she wanted to go, so there you have it.  It's a done deal now, and Dad will have to deal with it!  :)  It's hard to see your little girl grow up and leave the house, but that's what's happening in four short months.  So, many details now to take care of, but at least the major decisions are over (for now!!).

Mary went to her ballroom dance class last Saturday night and had a class on Salsa.  She's the youngest one in this class - most of the others are twenty something, but you'd never know it with how she carries herself and her confidence.  It is so fun to watch her do the salsa!  She has got the moves.

Peter presented his Science Fair Project successfully!  He had to have Grandma take him to school one morning (Bruce was sick) and check in his "air cannon" aka potato gun, so that the school wouldn't go into lock-down when he brought it in.  Grandma also came over multiple times while I was gone and brought food over and helped around here.  Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!

Aunt Michelle sent beautiful pdf files of all the events surrounding Bruce's mothers' funeral(s).  She also stayed with Grandpa for an extra week, which was very kind and thoughtful.

We had our neighbors over for "a potluck", as the kids affectionately call it.  It is so fun to be with them.

I'm getting back into my routine this week.  It feels good!

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