Monday, October 22, 2012

Temple Open House

This has been another beautiful Fall week.  Bruce and Peter went hunting last week.  They went up to the Sawtooths, which was gorgeous because of the Fall colors.  They hunted elk on Monday.  They saw a big bull elk about 400 yds away.  Peter wanted to take a shot, but Bruce wouldn't let him, much to Peter's chagrin, because he didn't want his first shot to be that far away.  Unfortunately that's the closest they got, and didn't get a chance at another shot!  And Peter won't let him forget it!  That afternoon it started to rain, and it rained for a solid 24 hours.  After being soaked through and chilled, they decided to come home on Tuesday afternoon.  Bruce said they had rivulets running through the middle of the wall tent.  That doesn't sound fun to me!  So despite opposition, and not getting anything, they still had a good time and want to go out and do it again.  Go figure!  :)  The fact is that Bruce would rather be in the mountains camping than any other place on earth, and he'll move heaven and earth to get up there.  It's true - I married a mountain man.  And it's a good thing he married me, because I love it about as much as he does.  (Just not the rain/cold/hunting part - ha ha)

Libby had a friend over yesterday, Elyse, and they had a ball playing in the fall leaves!

I had two special experiences this week.  One was going to the baptism of Chelsie and Jim, the next door neighbors to our friends Elysia and David.  They were instrumental in befriending Chelsie and Jim, and inviting the missionaries to teach them.  Jesse got to go to one of the lessons, and she loved it.  The three Elders that taught them were finished their mission this week, so to have Chelsie and Jim get baptized was a miracle.  The ward mission leader who was presiding over their baptism asked all three Elders to bear a short testimony.  It was so beautiful to hear their simple and powerful testimonies.

This missionary thing is close to my heart right now, with Joshua out doing the same thing, and Joseph going soon!  Speaking of Joseph, one of his challenges right now is that he wants to take his endowments out in the Temple so badly, but he needs a recommend from his Bishop and Stake President in Rexburg, and they are so backed up with all the missionaries putting in their papers after the big announcement in General Conference, that he can't even get the executive secretary to call him back to set up an appointment!  That is the challenge of new growth!

The other special experience that I had this week was going with Bruce, Peter, Libby and my Mom and Dad to the Open House of the Boise Temple.  Wow!  It was wonderful to be in our beloved Temple again, and to see the new decor.  It was stunning!  I loved the stained glass windows in the Baptistry, and the dark woodwork.  It reminded me a lot of the interior of the Nauvoo Temple.

As we went through, I told Peter and Libby to pay attention to how they felt while they were in the Temple.  It was a silent tour, because there were so many people, so we didn't have the talking points in different rooms that we would have had if we had come at a slower time.  When we got outside, I asked them both how they felt, and Peter said, "I had one thing going through my mind, and it was, 'This is super pretty'".  You could see the joy and excitement on both their faces, and feel of their happiness.  I was so grateful for that blessing - that they could feel the Spirit and recognize the joy that it brings.

Jesse and Mary had some other activities that night, and Jesse is taking a non-member friend, so they are going to go another time.

Jesse is practicing here with Connor and Logan for a musical number for Sunday.  They sang Armies of Helaman as a duet.  It was so good!  Logan also gave a talk that day because he is going to the Maryland Baltimore mission this Wednesday!  Eventually, if everything turns out like it's supposed to, this family will have three missionaries out at once!

Have a great week everyone!

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