Sunday, August 19, 2012

End of summer...

Here is Grandma peeling the peaches that she picked off the tree in our front yard.  Add to that the fresh cream from Buttercup, and man, we had us a real dessert.  You would have thought we were back in Grandma Reta's kitchen, excetp for the Agave nectar we added instead of the sugar.  Grandma Reta loved the sugar!

And then we got to visit with my little niece and her parents, Craig & Jenette.  Thnaks for coming over guys!

The Olympics have come and gone.  We watched the Opening Ceremonies, one night over at Grandma's before the reunions, one night at the reunion, and one night with Craig.  That's it!  It was weird - it came and went without us hardly even watching anything!  But we were off doing fun things, so that's OK.  Michael Phelps won a whole bunch of medals again.  It was interesting how much better he handled the press than some of the other athletes.  He didn't fall for their "trap" questions, like "How well will you swim in this race", and other dumb questions.  He said, "We'll see when I enter the pool."  He wouldn't give them the dumb answers they wanted - it was awesome!

Good news about Bruce - his lungs have been better this week.  When I was praying last week, the thought came to me to run a diffuser during the night.  Why I hadn't thought of this on my own before this is beyond me.  It's the first thing I would do with one of the kids, but for some reason I just hadn't thought of it with Dad.  I ran the TheraPro diffuser, which puts out more oil, and I put Eucalyptus Globulus in it.  After about three nights, we started to see a difference.  Then yesterday Dad had an earache, so I did a Vita-flex treatment on his ears with Geranium, Ylang Ylang and Purification, and then he put RC on it several other times.  That has also seemed to help.  Both of these were answers to prayer, but especially the first one - getting over the cough.  That has been a real blessing.

Jesse has been sick this week, though.  I think more than anything she has been worried about school starting.  When perfection is your goal, there's a lot to worry about.  She got a Priesthood blessing on Friday night, and then she sat on the couch all day Saturday and read a book that Shelby had brought over.  She still felt weak today, but was able to go to Church and play the organ.

Mary was so mad at Nathan on Saturday night because he didn't come to the Stake Dance.  She wanted to show off the dances they learned at the Dance Camp.  Oh well, she'll have to wait until the Street Dance this Friday.  Yes - can you believe it - school starts this week!  Joseph has a few weeks left before we take him off to BYU-I!

Peter helped Darren for three days this week doing his Eagle Project.  It was to help build a bus stop with a cement pad and a shelter for the Campo.  He had fun doing that.  He's having a lot of fun being a Deacon.  This week is the back to school bbq, which is always so fun.  Joseph went on a campout with the Singles Branch on Fri night, and had a great time there.

Libby made an experiment with some batteries and a light bulb - and she got to work this afternoon!  Fun!  Dad also gave a Father's blessing to all the four younger children this afternoon.  That is always a great thing.

And we're off to school!

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