Sunday, June 26, 2011

Camps, Camps, and more Camps

Joseph got to go the BYU Soccer Camp last week.  He came away with new friends, increased soccer skills, and two awards - one for the best tricks in juggling, and the other entitled "Camp Juggling Champ".  He won that by juggling 10,001 times!  It took him 2 hours and five minutes.  One time he had to tie his shoe, so he kicked the ball up onto his back and held it right below his neck while he tied his shoe.  Another time he had to get a drink so he did the same thing with the ball while he walked over to the cooler and got a drink.  He was still juggling by the time everyone had gone to lunch, so finally, the head coach came over and told him to just stop on a number he could remember!  The previous all-time record, for all the camps, had been 3,002.  So, Joseph kind of busted that one.
On the same week, Jesse was at the Young Musician's Camp at BYU.  She had the time of her life!  She also made some great friends, learned a lot of great things for the piano, and is more determined than ever to be a piano performance major.  She got in the top group of pianists while she was there, so she's well on her way to becoming just that.

Mary was at Girl's Camp last week too!  She had a great time, and was especially proud that our ward won the "Safari Sunrise" award almost every morning.  She missed Jesse, but still had fun with her friends.

So Peter and Libby were home for most of the week just with Bruce & I.  Wow - that was different!  They got really good at doing their jobs!  I was really proud of them.  Peter would have most of his done before I even made the chart in the morning.  This motivated Libby, so one morning Peter & I went on an errand, she had most of her jobs done by the time we got home.  Way to go Libby!

On the weekend, we got to go to Washington for Nicole's wedding, Bruce's niece on his side of the family.  She and Shawn had a wonderful wedding.  Michelle, Bruce's sister, was organized to the hilt, and we thoroughly enjoyed our little weekend get-away.  We were able to rent a PT-Cruiser-like car, (I don't even know what it was), and drive up there.  Unfortunately, Bruce did something to his back, because he is laid up this morning with bad pain in his back.  He is sleeping right now, but as soon as he wakes up I'll give him a Raindrop to see if that will help.

Peter and Libby got to stay with friends while we were gone, so they had a fun time this weekend too.  Josh has been more challenged this last week in school than I can ever remember him being.  He is taking some classes that are tough!  But he is getting through them and will come out just fine.  He is starting his papers for his mission.  YEAH!!!

Happy June to everyone!

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