Sunday, July 12, 2009

From the classical to country - and everything in between

We had a busy, busy June. And it hasn't stopped!
The High School boys' soccer team put on a soccer camp for the younger kids. This is Peter and Libby all geared up and ready to go!

I got bucked off my horse, May, on Wednesday, June 17th. We were riding along the side of the street in the neighborhood behind ours when she got spooked by Cookie, the 3-month old filly, and started to shy onto the street. Then she started to buck, and off I went onto the asphalt, of all things. Bruce later commented that he thought there was a belt on her saddle that was too tight underneath. Anyway, I got the wind knocked out of me, but I got up and started to walk. My first thought was, I need to go to Karen's house! She lives right by there, and she is an essential oils guru. Just a few weeks prior to that I had seen her do a world of good on Jesse, who had a really sore tailbone from falling in the garage.

I walked to her house, about a block away, in pretty bad shape. Well, I could walk, but it was all I could do to concentrate on that and get to her house. Unfortunately, she wasn't home, but some other members of our ward were home across the street, so they took me home. I had Bruce put some PanAway on me (a Young Living Essential Oil), and I could feel the ache drain away from that spot. I was very grateful. I was able to sleep that night, and the next day Karen came and did the Raindrop Technique on me. It made it so I was totally functional the next day when I needed to be. Once again, I was so grateful.

Thursday night Peter and Libby had Showmanship Practice for 4-H.
Our wonderful project leader, Kevin, and his daughter Kelsey, helped them get ready for showmanship at the fair.
Friday and Saturday was the annual Idaho Youth Games. I coached two soccer teams - Mary's and Peter's, and we had a fun time. Here are some highlights in photos from the Friday night Fun Night.Here is the long process of trying to get these three to smile all at once for a picture. Nearly impossible.
Jora and Bailey were on Mary's team,
and Jay and Jaren were on Peter's team.
Jesse's team won 2nd place in their division! Veronica, Maddy, Sarah and Allie are her soccer buddies.This is my friend Karla, who Libby has nicknamed "The Master of Soccer". Our children play soccer together, and we have become good friends sitting on the sidelines together the last few years. She just finished a round of radiation for the cancer she was diagnosed with, so I was really glad to see her and get this picture with her.
Here is Libby on the rock climbing wall. The guide said, "Has she taken a rock-climbing class somewhere?"

She must have climbed this wall at least a dozen times.

This is Josh and Joseph racing up the wall. Josh wants you to know that "Joseph started before me." :)

And here is Mary climibing the wall too.

Bruce went fishing with Dave, the fishing guru, on Friday night and Saturday. Dave told me later that he was done about four hours earlier than Bruce, but Bruce would not stop fishing. On the way home, late at night, Bruce was driving, and Dave said, "Are you tired?" Bruce replied, "No, I'm all right." So Dave said, "Then why are you listening to head-banging rock, hugging the steering wheel and going 45 mph? Let me drive!" We had a good laugh about that. But NO SALMON. That stunk.

On Monday we packed up and went camping with friends to Sage Hen Reservoir. We've been going there every year (except for last year when we thought we were moving) since 2002. This year we had Fred & Amy, Calvin & Elizabeth, Todd & Kristie, Greg & Rachelle, Gary & Tami, and Jesse and Britani up there with us. It was SO FUN. We love this trip.

The Saturday after we got home from camping, we went downtown to a nice restaurant and Josh, Joseph and Jesse were part of the Youth Pianist Showcase for the day. They got to play on the piano for the restaurant guests, and received a free lunch and about $8 in tips (each) to boot! Grandma and Grandpa (Bruce's parents) happened to be in town, so they came with us. It was just a delightful experience. But one sad thing - I forgot to get a picture of Josh while he was playing. Can you see a big capital L on my forehead for LAME!! Sorry Josh...

I also had one of my other students play at the restaurant, so that was fun too.

That night, I took Mary and Peter over to our project leader's house for another showmanship practice. The next day I wondered at the variety in my life. In the morning to be going to a fancy restaurant and then in the evening going to a farm and working with sheep. I'm glad to have that kind of diversity, and glad my kids have it.

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