Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Five years ago (June 2004), this is what our family looked like. The thing that gets me in this picture is Libby's toes, and Peter's toes - sticking up because their legs are too short to bend over the couch. No one even going to Mutual yet.

And now, we have FOUR children that will be going to Mutual on Wednesday nights, because Mary has turned 12!!
Yes! Mary Berry Cherry (what we affectionately call her) has become a Young Woman, and is ready to join her three older siblings in "the big kid" stage of life.

I used to call her "Mary Berry" all the time, and then one day, when she was about three, she corrected me, "No, Mom, it's 'Mary Berry Cherry". And so it has stuck.

When she was little, about 9 months and older, she would go to anyone and everyone. We'd be holding her in the hall at Church or at the grocery store, and she would just reach her arms out to whoever was there, and want to be held by them. And I mean everyone, including men, which was so surprising to them. They would take her and say, "She wants to come to me?" She made more than one person smile in amazement.

That sociability has continued to be central to her existence. Anything that comes between her and her plans to play with her friends is excruciating for her. This trait is so obviously from her Mother that it is laughable. Until it's her Mother that gets in the way - then it's not so laughable. Ha ha Needless to say, Mary is a very loyal friend and sister.

Here are ten things about Mary that everyone should know:

1. Affectionate
2. Determined
3. Loyal
4. Smart
5. Pretty
6. Great soccer player
7. Talented piano player
8. Friendly
9. Reserve Grand Champion in the 2007 County Fair
10. Faithful

Happy Birthday Mary! We love you!


WhettenWild said...

Happy Birthday Mary! You were born when Conal and I had only been dating for a month. I remember him telling me that his sister had just had a baby.

Have fun in YW. I wish you were one of my beehives!

wenderful said...

Happy Birthday Mary!

The Draper Fam said...

My saddest thought today is not being able to be Mary's Beehive leader now. I was so very excited to be with her...
Happy Birthday, Mary! At least we will always be friends.

Britani said...
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Curtis said...

HapppppY Birthday MARY!! last week.