Sunday, February 1, 2009

A small window into the life of Mary

Isn't she just beautiful! My word. I never imagined that my girls would be so beautiful.
For the last week, Mary has been working on this paper doll. As a homework assignment, she had to dress up her paper doll as a "Common Incan Woman of the Lowlands." Obviously, they have been studying the Incas.

In November, I went into her classoroom in my Cholita costume from Bolivia, and taught them about the modern day descendants of the Incas. That was a lot of fun!

Today in testimony meeting (a meeting where members of the Church have the opportunity to stand up and share their feelings about spiritual things - called a testimony), Mary got up and bore her testimony. She was very touched and started to cry as she said that she said that she wanted her family to know how much she loved them, and that she knew the Church was true. It was a very heartfelt testimony, and I was very touched by it! Thank you, Mary for sharing your testimony! I am so proud of you.

We were just discussing that Mary will be able to go to Girl's Camp in June. Wow! Only a couple more months of eleven for Mary (until May), and I'm enjoying every minute of it!

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wenderful said...

Mary did a great job sharing her testimony. You have very good kids. I love Mary's sense of humor. And that she's so confident. She'll have so much fun at camp this year.