Monday, December 7, 2020

Treasured Time in the Temple

There are moments in life where you experience pure joy, and on November 17th, I experienced one of those.  Our dear friend Nic chose to receive his Temple Endowment in the Meridian Idaho Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  He and Hunter have been working towards this day, and it finally came!  I absolutely love this picture of them, with the painting of the Savior shouwing through the doors in the background!  Nic hasd been a wonderful friend to our family since 2014, and it was wonderful to accompany him on this journey.  We're so happy for he and his wife Hunter!

Most of our family got to be there (only Sky & Jesse and Libby were missing).  Even our missionary son Peter!  This was a total surprise to me.  He found about the occassion and got special permission from his Mission President for he and his companion to come.

We were gathered by the fountain outside the Temple waiting to go in, and all of a sudden the door to the Temple opened and I saw two missionaries come out.  At first glance, I thought, "Man, that is a sharp looking missionary."  At second glance, he looked really familiar, and then it really hit me that it was Peter!

I was grinning from ear to ear the entire Temple session, and it was truly a wonderful, wonderful evening.

Earlier in the afternoon, I got to play with Kaladin and Mary.

I love this picture of Kaladin & I playing together in the Trailer.

And here's some fun shots with Ruffneck!

Future veterinarian?!  :)

As soon as Mary got here, she got started on this project - finishing the bathroom in the Office!

Mary has taken up this kind of work as her new hobby, and she showed her talents and skills in this project.  To begin with, the toilet was in, half the flooring (this shows the flooring complete already), and the shell of the shower. Bruce, Sky & Peter had gotten that much done in August before Peter left on his mission.  So Bruce & Mary worked together to get the rest of it done. I love this picture of these two hard working souls!

The beginning of the shiplap on the wall.

And now - the finished product!

We are so grateful to Mary for sharing her skills and hard work. I love it!  Thank you, dear daughter!

I have watched this video (more like listened to it) dozens of times.  This warm-hearted interaction between Jesse and Petey just fills my soul with joy!  Wait for it, at the end, to see the cutest little dance moves!  At :30 seconds, you can hear Sky takling to Nellie too.  So sweet!

We had a lovely Thanksgiving Dinner with Joseph & Becca, and Becca's parents.  They kindly invited us to be part of their Dinner, as all of our other children were away spending the day with their in-laws, on a mission or at college.  (Libby made the brave decision to stay at school instead of coming home to prevent the spread of COVID infection).  It was a wonderful dinner, as you can imagine, because Becca and her parents - Sean and Lisa - love to cook!  We appreciated their wonderful food and great company!

And, two more piece of news...  

1)  We sold our Kawaii GM-10 Baby Grand Piano.  Here it is pictured at our old house.

It's still a very tender subject, and I shed a lot of tears, but I was blessed in numerous ways to make it bearable.  The first was that about a month ago, as I was saying my evening prayers, a very clear impression came to me that it was time to sell the piano.  I was not playing much, and there was simply not space for it in the small 12x20 Office space that I have.  So I had some time to work through the mental and emotional side of that.  I had thought, however, that we would keep it until after Libby went on her mission.  Fast forward to the week of Thanksgiving.  Some financial things came up that made it apparent that we needed to sell some assets.  I knew right away that the piano was one of them, and I was very aware and grateful that my previous impression and preparation were a distinct blessing.  I listed it on Facebook, and it sold at full price on the very first showing on the next day!  It went to students of our old piano teacher, Jeff, nonetheless, and he was able to vouch for the piano to the buyers, because he had helped us pick it out in the first place!  That warmed my heart, and it makes it easier to part with, knowing it went to a great family.

It took a week to schedule the piano movers to come and pick it up.  So I played and played in that week!  My favorites were Evensong (which has come to have a deep spiritual meaning to me) and Love One Another - a dear personal favorite.  Mary, Joseph and Joshua all got to play it and Becca, Celeste and Dad all joined in singing around the piano with me.  Treasured memories!

 I hope Jesse and Libby forgive me someday, because it was really hard on the two of them that we sold the piano.  But there will be another piano in the future, and I'm grateful we were able to enjoy this one while we had it. 

This is another of our assests that needs to go.  Thankfully, since our piano has sold, and the bathroom is finished, when we sell the RV we can move into our Office (and take up tiny home living!).  We had a showing the first week we listed it, but it didn't work out for the buyers.  Our next showing is this Wednesday, so we are hoping some good news comes from that.  We are feeling very blessed!

Monday, November 16, 2020

Bob Ross Paint Night

Becca invited us to do a "Bob Ross Paint Night" as part of a date night.  She bought all the supplies (with Nic's help) and had it all set up at Josh & Celeste's apartment.  Bruce & I, Josh & Celeste, Nic & Hunter, Becca & Joseph - yes, Joseph! - all sat around the table with our easels, canvas and paints and put the brush to the canvas. We followed Bob Ross in a YouTube video.  Half the entertainment was listening to everyone's comments as they followed along.  We'd stop the video and try to do what Bob Ross did, and it was hilarious to hear everyone's struggles.  But all the paintings turned out amazing!!  I loved everyone's unique expression.  Celeste definately won for "artist of the night", although it wasn't a competition, but hers was so clearly better that there was no question about that.

And speaking of Joseph - he's back! All of his classes are on Zoom for the rest of the semester, so he doesn't have to be present for them.  I'm so glad that he's back here with Becca!  He gets to stay until the next semester starts in January, except for one day he has to go back and do something at the hospital.  Becca is going to go with him in January for the first two weeks as well.

We sent off our last llama trip for the year this week!  Our customer Jon takes the llamas and along with his hunting buddy, they take the llamas on a boat up the Snake River in Hell's Canyon to their hunting spot.  It's quite a site to see the llamas on the boat.  Last year a river guide company got them on video. Here's a pic River Adventures, Inc. - Riggins, ID took from 2019.  

Another customer, Jared, sent us these gorgeous pics from his trip last week.  X-ray, Oscar and November were rock stars.

Here's my favorite! Wow!

Monday, November 9, 2020

Training Llamas & Halloween

 When Joseph was here week before last, he and Bruce spent some time training llamas. Here they are working with Charlie and Tarzan.

Here's Joseph training Zulu on a lead rope for the first time.

And here is a clip of Tarzan. Wait for it at the end, when Tarzan gets up close and personal!

I love this picture of Joseph and Tarzan (he and Becca's llama):
And Bruce and Charlie:

I got to visit grandkids for Halloween! And I'm including other Halloween pics as well.

This girl voted for the first time!  Good job, Libby!

We had a mini-Cider Festival for Bruce's co-workers last week.

Special shout-out to Angie, who has been Bruce's manager for the last ten years.  Everybody (and their spouse!) wishes they had a good manager, and Angie fit that bill.  Thank you for your character, integrity and skills, and making hp, inc. a great place to work for Bruce.  You will be missed!  (NOTE: She is leaving for another job, not Bruce.)

Our son-in-law Kevin and his brother have started writing music under the name Beta Moose.  They have some merch available, and Jesse and Mary are rocking the t-shirts here!
Petey learned to say llama finally!  Bruce & I are not sure whether we like it or not.  "He said "Mana" for so long, and before that, "thmthamama"  or something like that!  Haha
And here is Libby having a great time dancing!  She said they cleaned up a lot of mistakes after this video was taken.  :)

It snowed the last two nights!  Welcome to WINTER.  It has already melted, which is true to form for where we live in Idaho.  So no worries there.

I have finally learned to be grateful for rest, instead of being sad that winter is upon us.  Hope I can keep that up.  Lightning stiks help me do that.  So grateful for them!

Being able to go to dinner at Costa Vida with these fine people is so fun!  Especially when we had a special visit from Mary and Kaladin.